20 Tips to show up gracefully at workplace (Must read)

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Dressing at workplace is to each his own. Some workplaces have a strict formal dress code while some places are relaxed in their dress approach. Whatever the dress code, dress impeccably to make a strong impression that counts towards your confidence, perception and the next promotion. Read and follow these tips to stay always on point and stand out everyday.

20 Tips to show up gracefully at workplace

  1. Understand your workplace’s dressing trend and dress accordingly. Your friend can sport a casual dress code at his IT office but you can’t in your hospitality industry. Maintain the dignity of your workplace.

Coco Chanel knew it right from Day 1-

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

2. Always wear well-fitted clothes to work. Please avoid loose or too fitted clothes. Wear well structured clothes that hug you at the right places and leave you wherever required. Choose attires that fit you aptly and look good. And of course, pleasing to everyone’s eye.

3. Don’t be a victim of wardrobe malfunction at work. Choose your clothes wisely. Wear appropriate clothing to lay an accurate impression.

4. Avoid looking provocative at workplace. Pick dresses that cover your appropriately from chest to knee. Inappropriate clothing can be a distraction. It may also lead to an inaccurate impression.

5. Always smell good at work. Don’t be a put off. Nobody likes bad odour even if it’s 40 degrees outside. Be careful on this.

6. Taking a cue from the above point, don’t wear too strong perfumes. People may be allergic or many not like the fragrance. Stay safe at workplace by wearing long wear light notes.

7. Always wear good quality shoes. We know the man by the shoes he wears. Good shoes make up for the shortcoming of your attire, if any. Shoes have a story of their own. Be mindful.

8. Wear polished shoes and make a successful mark. Dirty shoes will not take you anywhere. Good polished shoes will make you look successful and smarter than the rest.

9. Be clean shaved or have a beard- your choice. Either ways, be clean. Keep your beard trimmed and well kept. Untrimmed beard is not a good sign. Avoid at all times.

10. A wrist watch is an accessory that talks a lot on your behalf. Invest in a good one. It will never go out of style.

11. Stay away from neons and flashy colours that make you look a wanna be. Such catchy colours are a big disappointment to a professional look. Keep neons for your outings and parties.

12. An HR Professional told me that once that she met a woman who had a ring on every finger. She could not look at anything else. Accessories should complement your outfits, not overpower them. Keep in mind. Don’t over-accessorise!

13. Nicole Williams, a career expert at LinkedIn said,

“The problem with appearance is that it translates to performance. Even if your boss doesn’t think that they’re thinking any less of you, they will subconsciously think it.”

Any bosses here? Inputs please!

14. So obvious but still some get it wrong. Make sure your accessories fit well. Too big or too small will not look good. A boss was so distracted by his subordinate’s short tie that he could not concentrate on the profit numbers being presented by him. 

Think of the laurels he would have got had he taken care of this aspect. Some clothing pieces can be jarring if not worn right.

15. Rich colours have an authority of their own.

“Pay attention to your colour choices,” etiquette coach Barbara Pachter says. As per her, darker colours usually convey a stronger impression than lighter ones. 

What say?

16. Crease free material and well-ironed clothes send good signals on your behalf. If keeping your clothes well-ironed is a challenge, pick crease free fabrics. People notice details and specially the ones out of place.

17. Choose Quality over Quantity.

Buy two but buy good. The quality of your shirt or trousers matters. Whatever the budget, try to get a good quality that lasts you a few years. It’ll be a good spend in the longer run and the one you won’t regret.

18. Take care of your clothes. Hang your shirts and trousers properly, wash them well so that they last season after season. Humans understand caring, so does clothes!

19. If you have a uniform at work place- give it the respect it deserves.

Stand out in the crowd by keeping it crisp, well fitted and well maintained. This will always give you the extra edge and make you stand out in the uniformed crowd. The uniform is not about you. It is about your company, it’s image and it’s code of conduct. 

20. Be sustainable and a conscious shopper. Wear your clothes at least 30 times before giving them away. Your buying decisions impact the planet. Always remember that.

Show up gracefully at work with these 10 tips. Be confident, be well dressed, be true to your job and achieve all that you desire.

Good luck!


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