10 Ways to Save Money + Dress Better

Yes, this is possible. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Break through more beauty and confidence, with more mindfulness. Sustainability is the only way ahead and I can’t stress more on it. With depleting resources and more consumption, conscious living can only save us.

Here are 10 ways to save money and dress better:

1- Slow down to care more. Slowing down is a good idea. Press the pause button on shopping for 3 or 6 months. As per statista.com, “Fashion, specifically clothing ranked highest on the list of categories that online shoppers spent money on across India according to estimates for 2020.”

2- Wear more to save big in the long run. It’s a common fact that we don’t wear 51% of our wardrobe and waste loads of money each year. Don’t buy things you don’t wear and wear more of your existing closet.

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3- Gift your past spending to make it worth more. Dig deep into your closet and find those clothes you have never worn. There are umpteen opportunities inside your existing closet. Gift the items that are new and no longer fit you. Even gift the ones with tags on but not worn for long.

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4- Make your future sustainable. Whatever you buy, ensure it’s classy and will last you 2 to 3 seasons. Don’t buy fast fashion that just goes out in a jiffy. Be a classic that never runs out of style.

5- Spend less. Spend less but spend wisely.

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6- Stop misusing your money. Makeup, anti ageing creams, fairness creams and what not! Learn to love yourself the way you are. Spend, by all means spend but one product at a time. 4 Anti ageing creams will not show 4X result.

7- Earn more. Make more money by saving more money and investing in classy pieces that look fresh year after year. It’s the simplest of the tricks..shhhh!

8- Give more. Give more to the planet by being mindful of what you shop, how you shop and the values you keep.

9- Value your wellbeing. Instead of getting anxious at every sale banner, invest your time in being more mindful.

10- Value your joy. Fashion is therapy. Makeup is therapy. Too much is chaos. Value your joys. Value yourself.

Anything you buy without caring for your money and the planet will always leave a hole somewhere. Knowledge, sustainability and conscious living will last and keep on giving….

P.S. I’m passionate about sustainability and conscious living because I’ve seen it’s therapeutic effects on well being. Because I know how valuable these traits are today, I invite you to practice the same.

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