Even though not all of us can switch to a more old-time way of shopping that supported need based shopping rather than impulsive, we can still treat our clothes the way people did when they saw them as precious investments.

Our clothes define us and how we keep them says a lot about our values. Learning how to treat clothes right is not only a budget-friendly approach to sustainable fashion, it is also a huge part of conscious living. We are how we behave which is more a reason to start taking care of your clothes. Keep on reading to learn how! 

1.Turn your clothes inside out before washing

A superb way to ensure that your clothes come out completely clean is to turn them inside out before throwing them in the washing machine. If you hand wash, then dry them inside out. My maid has done that since eons and as a result, my clothes never spoil. I use my clothes year on year and they still look great. 

2.Read the label carefully for washing instructions

This is simple. If you want to make your clothes last longer, read clothing labels as they give all the information you’ll need to keep your garments looking sharper for longer.     

Do evaluate the care needs of a garment when purchasing them. I don’t buy clothes that are too high maintenance and I might not often wear. 

3.Use mild detergents and mild washing settings

The choice of washing setting and detergent is important in prolonging the lifespan of your clothing. As a rule of thumb, go as gentle as possible. 

Wash clothes at lower temperatures and be mindful of the amount of detergent you use. Using too much of detergent may leave residue on your clothes. Harsher detergents may damage the garment. Delicate fabrics need to be washed with specific mild detergents. Also, wash dark and light shades separately. This ensures that your light shade clothes are safe in case the colour bleeds from the darker shade clothes.

4.Hang dry your clothes and let the sun do the magic

Hanging clothes to dry is a standard practice across the globe with a few exceptions.

Hanging clothes in the sun has many benefits. It has a long term positive impact on clothes. Indian households have a long practice of drying clothes in a well-lit and well-ventilated area of the house. Just ensure that the dark clothes are hung in a shade to avoid colour fading.

5.Repair your clothes and increase their lives

Repair your clothes and increase their life. Always repair before any damage becomes too substantial. This way, you won’t have to purchase new ones to replace them. Just ensure to get the seams sewn up and hems fixed when they start to come lose.

6.Don’t wash your clothes too often

A lot of us have the habit of washing clothes that actually don’t need to be washed. Try this the next time. When you come home, instead of throwing your clothes into washing, put them on hangers and let them air out through the night. This can do wonders to clothes made of natural materials like linen or cotton as they retain their sheen for long. 

7.Store clothes appropriately

Don’t hang your sweaters or cardigans as that can cause them to stretch over time. A lot of clothes are better stored lying flat or folded carefully. Always store your clothes appropriately to increase their life. 

8.Remove stains as soon as you see them

Stains only get stubborner with time. Each garment and stain has separate needs but acting quickly will save you from potentially damaging the garment and, of course, from having to wash the whole thing.    

End note: With the help of these tips you can stretch the life of your clothes and save money too.

Take care

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