10 things married women without kids hear the most

Pic source: Femside.com

Married for a year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and no kids? Oops, How come? The societal pressures, the parental pressures, the age pressures- all are fine but then who’s decision is it to decide on the subject and have the last word- YOURS!

Pic source: Femside.com
Pic source: Femside.com

So, whatever people think, say and not say, here are 10 things married women without kids hear the most:

1. You guys are not planning right now?

How does it matter to you? Will you take care of the kids? And once we do plan, it will show right away. There is no way on this planet it can be hidden…think!

2. Is there a problem?

Even if there is, I will not tell you. You are not my best friend or best cousin or best aunt or best anyone.

3. Age has its side effects

Yes and your nagging has too- big time!

4. The sooner the better

Why? I’m not going anywhere or leaving my partner. I can take my time.

5. Two kids are a must

Can we take it step by step?

6. There will be a huge age gap between you and the kids.

Yes, I know. It’s the same with you. It will anyways be. A year here or there or two here or there or 3 here or there doesn’t matter.

7. Learn from my experience

You want to hear the truth- I don’t want to be a loser like you.

8. Kids bind a relationship

A relationship has to have it’s own strength. People who use kids as a medium to bind a relationship can take a walk.

9. Having a kid is the most precious experience in life.

Yes, agreed! We are not averse to kids, just not right now.

10. It completes you.

First marriage was required to complete me and now kids. What will be tomorrow?

Is there something else that you hear the most? Do drop it in the comments below. Let’s have a laugh together. And don’t forget to share this with friends and family in similar situations. They deserve a laugh too!

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  1. So damn true! My answer to those who think having a kid is the most important experience in life, “Have you ever held a mind boggling, feeling numbing, world collapsing, reality changing, orgasmic experience in life? I have! Everytime I have a well made cupcake in hand and bite into it! Now that, is the most important experience in life. Making YOURSELF happy.” End of rant. 😉 though seriously, everyone just keeps on commenting. Try over eating carbs right before meeting extended family and rest assured, your bloated tummy will be a matter of international importance and your mom would bitch slap you for getting her to field all congratulations on good news calls.

    1. Like it’s said in the post, not averse to kids, just not right now 🙂
      Kids are the most precious but also provided rest everything is in place, else it’s a mess for everyone and specially for the kid.

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