Women in Leadership- Let’s raise the bar together!

women in leadership

There are mornings when I have a strong urge that someone pampers me, but then I remember that I am a strong independent woman. I can pamper myself like no other. I’m my own leader and perhaps for many others.

Women in Leadership is the tinsel town talk and we all have different views about it.

Celebrating womanhood is not an easy task; but then aren’t we women just pro at handling the complexities of life.

There is inspiration in everything around us. What is needed is the right vision. The inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs, single mothers or even the girl next door imbibe confidence in many others. You can be an acid attack survivor or a woman taking care of street dogs in the locality – there is a hidden gem in each one of us. Polish it a little and let the light shine bright. These small inspirations raise the bar and set standards that we all try and achieve. And like they say – ‘aim for the stars, at least you’ll reach the sky!”

Be it a young architect, a successful travel blogger or a photographer, it is encouraging to see the women of today’s India to be shining in every field. It is a heartwarming feeling to know and see the young and even the old brigade listening to their hearts and conquering fears. Today they are managing multinational companies and raising babies, all at the same time. This juggling of roles is a task that only a woman can handle efficiently.women in leadership

But there are still many sections of the society where there is an urgent need of awareness about women empowerment and girl child education. It is rightly said that we educate a girl, we are indirectly educating the entire family. From a young age, girls should and need to be made independent. Giving girls the freedom to choose their education and career is a small start to this big change.

Marrying at 25 because you have attained the so called ‘marriageable age’ is just a theory. Parents should be supportive to let their daughters explore new avenues.

A lot of areas regarding women empowerment need attention and support. Targeting the grass root level is the need of the hour. This can be done when we all decide to take the first step. To reach to your destination it is important to keep moving. women in leadership

#EveryWomanIsALeader. Let empowerment come from within and each other. You don’t need a catalyst for this. It is a strong chain reaction, so let the fire burn and illuminate the world. Women leaders are empathetic, flexible, assertive and persuasive.

“I don’t go by the rule book. I lead by the heart, not the head.” – Princess Diana.

It is essential that you strive to become a leader and not a boss. A boss would say ‘Go’, but a leader would say ‘Let’s Go’.

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It is time that you recognise yourself…look in the mirror, you are the leader!

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