Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen Review | Best sunscreen for oily skin

Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen review
Keeps me fresh and protected all day long!

Formulated with rich anti-oxidant ingredients for Indian skin and weather, Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen protects against strong UVA and UVB rays.

Hey you beautiful women out there, I’ve a good news for you. Here’s a sunscreen that’ll keep you protected in the harshest of summers without leaving a white cast. Your skin will breathe and say a thank you to you at the same time. And this is budget friendly too! Read my Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen Review and make your choice. It is one of the best sunscreens for oily skin.

Before I review, let me talk about the importance of a sunscreen in my life. Whether my day is indoor or outdoor, a good sunscreen is a must. And since I have oily skin, I look for best sunscreens for oily skin. And needless to say not the ones that leave me frustratingly greasy. Since using Wishcare Invisible Gel sunscreen, I’m not leaving it anytime soon.

Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen review
Meet the universal invisible sunscreen for 365 days protection.

Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen Review

Ultra Light Weight

Aah, this is what we all want, isn’t it? Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen is light, easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave a messy feeling. It instantly becomes a part of the skin. Just dot the face with the sunscreen, lightly spread it and you’re good to go.


It is perfect for oily skin. I can see it as one of the best SPF50 sunscreens for face. It smoothly goes on the face, gets absorbed and leaves a velvety feeling. The light scent elevates the senses. I get surprised by it every time I wear it. I have used other sunscreens in the past and how I always got irritated by the greasy feeling on my face. This one is like wearing nothing at all.

Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen review
Milky white and easy to absorb texture

Broad Spectrum

Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen offers SPF 50+, PA++++ sun protection to give maximum coverage. It protects the skin indoors and outdoors from strong UVA and UVB rays.

No white cast

The ultra sheer finish leaves no chalky white cast. You get the natural skin tone that’s sun protected and ready to step out. Well this has always been my main concern. I love my skin giving a natural skin tone rather than being under a white spell. This again makes it one of the best SPF50 sunscreens for face.

Skin repair and sun protection

The sunscreen is rich in anti-oxidents like raspberry and shea butter which does the dual work of skin repair and protection from the sun. The sunscreen is good for skin hydration so I don’t apply an extra layer of moisturiser. Just this sunscreen is good to go standalone.

Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen review
Safe ingredients & light weight

All skin types and tones

All skin types and tones can use it. It protects and hydrates at the same time. It has 1% Hyaluronic acid. For me, it takes a toll finding products as per my skin type. So when I get a product which is for all skin types, it feels as if that hassle of finding my skin variant has been taken care by the brand. I have always felt that I’m a mixed skin type so any particular variant is not for me. A product that is universal works good for me.

Price: Rs 550 for 50 gm. Buy it here

Why I recommend Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen?

My sunscreen is an important part of my daily living. I don’t leave the house without it. Since I have an oily skin, an ultra light weight sunscreen is my first need. I can’t be greasy and oily right in the morning with my most important skincare daily essential. Wishcare Invisible gel sunscreen gives an ultra sheer coverage and it feels like applying nothing at all. The sunscreen also blocks pollution and fine dust from entering the skin. It leaves no white cast which is such a plus point for me. I get my natural skin tone and it feels like applying nothing at all. Seriously making it by far the best SPF 50 sunscreen for face.

Wishcare Invisible Gel Sunscreen review
All skin types and no white cast.

The application is easy. I generously apply it on face and body as the last step of my skincare routine, around 15 minutes before the sun exposure. The broad spectrum of sun protection with sheer finish gives a healthy start to the day. I get skin repair and protection with anti-oxidant ingredients. Since it is for all skin types and tones, one can pick it without a worry. The milky gel formulation just glides on perfectly.

Say hello to a universal product for daily SPF protection with Wishcare Invisible gel sunscreen. It’s easy to carry, easy to store and the price is delectable.

End note: Just go for it! We gotta try new products to find the great ones. This one is easily available online so you just have to click and get it. I remain fresh and carefree in Delhi summers with this amazing product. Suggest you try it too!

Have a safe summers!


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