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My recent trip to Dabur India Ltd has cleared many of my doubts as to What goes behind our skincare products…Thanks to the expert team of Doctors and Scientists, a complete tour of Dabur’s skincare division’s R&D department was walked with utmost enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. The day saw answers to many of the questions that drive our minds when we think of the skincare industry. How do the brands identify the need? What goes inside the product? How safe are the products? Where are they tested? Are the products as per industry guidelines? et al. With the help of Mr Sanjay Singal, Head of Marketing (Skin Care), Dr J L N Sastry, Head of Dabur Research & Development Centre and Dr S K Luthra, Head R&D (Skin Care) of Dabur Research & Development Centre, a complete step by step procedure in developing a skincare product was presented and explained with practical understanding. A lab to lab tour along with marketing inputs enabled a deep understanding of skincare products and their constituents.

The day also saw the launch of Fem Fairness Naturals range of NO ADDED Ammonia bleaches. A revolutionary concept in the skincare industry, these skin bleaches are free of ammonia and make the entire bleaching process pleasant and user friendly. The bleaching range is gentle on the skin and is fortified with the goodness of natural ingredients like Saffron, Vitamin E and Milk. Available in four variants, there is a bleach for fair skin, darker skin, special occasions and Herbal variant. Affordably priced, the bleach is available in the range of Rs 25 to Rs 34, good for a month’s fairness benefit. Fem is also the first fairness bleach brand that is dermatologically tested for being safe on the skin.

In the end, a hamper of Dabur Goodies was given to bring a wider smile to our rosy cheeks. My lovely hamper (as seen in the pic above) had:

  • Dabur Gulabari Saffron & Turmeric Cold Cream. Price Rs 57 for 55ml, the cream has the goodness of age old saffron, turmeric and rose. Use it daily for healthy and radiant skin. Under the scheme, Dabur Gulabari Premium Gulab Jal, 30 ml for Rs 15 is free with it. Gulab Jal can be used as a toner, can be mixed with face packs or can be just pat on the skin for a fresh feel.
  • Dabur Gulabari Pearl Fairness Moisturiser with Saffron & Rose. Price Rs 40 for 50ml. Enriched with pearl extracts, saffron and rose known for giving a pearl like glow, lighten the skin tone and provide a rose glow respectively, the moisturiser gives a soft, flawless and fair skin.
  • Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream. The 2 minute action cream effectively removes hair while restoring the original skin complexion. Price Rs 45/-, the cream is enriched with Liquorice and Jojoba oil for soft, smooth and glowing skin.
  • Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach (Single use pack for Rs 25/-) + Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Creme Bleach with No Added Ammonia (Single use pack for Rs 34/-) + Fem Fairness Naturals Saffron Creme Bleach (Rs 71/- for 64 g pack) + OxyLife Creme Bleach (Single use pack for Rs 32/-). The series of bleaches are safe for skin. No added ammonia makes the bleaching experience pleasant and gentle for the skin.
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