Launch: Ultime Pro Sand Coat Nail Lacquers by FACES Canada

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On a lively afternoon over coffee and sandwiches, FACES Canada unveiled the very attractive, the very latest Ultime Pro Sand Coat Nail Lacquers. With winter sun on the roll and an excited afternoon laid out, one couldn’t have asked for more. I was getting blind in the greed of so many colours around. But then , what more can a women want?

The flagship store of M Block Market, GK 1, Delhi buzzed with Fashion & Beauty bloggers and all of us came together to witness an afternoon of colour cosmetics with nail lacquers taking a bright spot. Even while writing the post, I can’t stop staring at my beautiful nails, thanks to the nail makeover by the famous, “Nail spa by Gurpreet“.

The vibrant hued Sand Coat Nail Lacquers.
The vibrant hued Sand Coat Nail Lacquers.
Beauty Blog
Enjoying my nail spa.
Beauty Blog
Me signing off…

Ultime Pro Sand Coat is a collection 8 fun shades for the festive autumn-winter hues. The colors have a sand grain texture and totally make for a diva nail accessory. Perfect choice for winters, the shades look awesome over winter outfits and bare hands. The sugary sand feel impart a 3D effect on the nails and the matte finish provide an innovative coverage while turning nails into walking jewellery. Raise your glam quotient and walk the talk with this matte finish in striking sand grain feel. Inspired by the flaky sand texture, the color selection portray the 2013-14 color trends. The funky products get their names from international deserts as per their color.

Beauty Expert Tips:

  • Perfect for DIY nail spa at home. The colors have an in-built sand texture and look like  professional nail coats.
  • There are 2 series of nail Lacquers: With shimmer and without.
  • Just add a crystal or a glitter as a highlight on the index finger nail and let your hands talk.
  • Jewel your nails with the shimmer shades and feel the confidence yourself. You will just love it.
  • Match your lip color with your nail paint incase of tones of red, orange, peach, corals. They make an awesome combination.


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