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Scared of hair color? Tired of boring greys? Don’t be! Lets’ Expresso along with Maria Castan, Senior Scientist at P&G, Germany answers all your concerns and apprehensions about hair color. So, go out and flaunt the red, bronze and purple in your hair. Shine away to glory and don’t hide behind those intolerable greys. Get high on confidence and get high on life. Special thanks to Wella for the entire rendezvous.

Here is the talk between Let’s Expresso and Maria Castan where she reveals the Truth behind Hair Color.

Tell us a little about the Science of Hair color.

Hair Color science is quite complex and it takes a long time to modify formulations. You need to make sure you have reactive molecules that will get into the hair to form the color, however these molecules need to be reactive ONLY inside the hair, not with the skin or scalp, that’s why there is a very fine formulation and reactions that needs to be controlled so the color only gets into the hair and not on scalp, hands, skin, etc.

With changing trends, how often should one color her hair?

I always say that you can change your color as often as you want as long as you take care of it properly. This means you need to use the appropriate shampoo for color hair that will take care of the cuticle and it will protect the vibrancy of the color.

Tips for hair coloring for long and short hair.

There are not big differences on how you should color long and short hair. Maybe with short hair you can be a bit more adventurous and extreme because worse case if you don’t like the color you can easily cut it off, while if you have long hair, you might want to keep it long. However, as said before, the important thing is to care for the colored hair and take care of it properly.

What is the most challenging part of your job with Wella?

I would say that the more challenging piece and at the same time, the one I like the most, is to make sure people understand the truth and the amount of work that goes behind a hair color. With the very competitive environment and so many products going around, I think it is difficult for the consumers to keep up with the products and with the truth, that’s why I try everyday to make sure people know the truth. Of course, they are free to choose what they want, but at least they know what it is behind.

What is your hair care regime?

I wash my hair every 2 days and since I have colored hair, I always use Wella hair color protection shampoo and a Wella conditioner for color hair as well. Once per week I might use a mask if I feel my hair is damaged and rough because of all the stress of the week.

What are the current runway hair color trends?

I have to say, there are A LOT! People realized that hair color is not only about coloring grey, but also fashionable and an accessory that will complete the look. For Indian hair specifically, I would say that the red is the big thing at the moment. Not that bright and shouting red, but more the dark-blood red that can beautifully blend with dark Indian hair.

You have to travel a lot for your work. How do you maintain your hair in changing weather and climatic conditions?

When I am travelling, I will use more mask than conditioners that have a higher caring ingredient concentration, so I make sure it is always protected no matter where I am and what the weather conditions are.

Dos and Dont’s of hair color.

Always always always protect the color with a color safe color shampoo and conditioner. It does not help to have a beautiful color hair out of the salon if you don’t care for it. If you are exposed long hours into the sun, try to use a sun shampoo that will contain SPF and will protect against UV light. Try not to brush it when it is very wet, since hair is more vulnerable when wet and might break easily.

Hair color tips specific to Indian skin and temperatures.

Indian women have beautiful long and dark hair, therefore I think it is extremely important that they take care of it using conditioners and masks to protect mainly the tips. If you think that hair grows 1 cm every month, the hair on the tips will be 2-3 years old!! That means that you need to make sure it is well cared to avoid external damage, coming, ironing, etc.

How do you see India evolving in the hair color segment in say next 2 years?

I am sure Indian women will color more and more the hair and they will not only do it for grey coverage, but for fashionable colors. On top, I think they will be more adventurous and use colors we have not seen so far until now.

We see a lot of young girls developing grey hair. Some are just out of their teens. What could be the reasons for this early onset?

Grey hair is genetically programmed and can be affected by things like food, stress, hormones… therefore we should watch out our lifestyle, what we eat, stress, life stage, etc.

How early can one start coloring for grey coverage? What should be the healthy time gap between 2 sessions for grey coverage? How damaging are these frequent grey coverage sessions for hair?

There is no one specific time when you can begin with the coloring, but our recommendation is not to use it with people under 16 years old. As for the frequency of coloring, my recommendation would be to do it every 6 weeks when you have the re-growth on the roots. If it is done in a proper way, using the right products and taking care of the color hair afterwards, it shouldn’t create high damage for the hair.

Do you have any suggestions for a young girl who is always wondering whether to color her hair or not

My recommendation would be to do it in a safe way. She should get information on which is the best technology or brand to use and as well which is the best color that would suit her skin tone and hair type. As well, to go to a professional that will apply it properly and with the right amount of time.
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