10 Makeup Tips for Outdoor and Day Weddings

Priyanka Chopra during her outdoor wedding, as shared by her on her Instagram.

It is that time of the year when day weddings become super enjoyable. The pleasant weather, cool breeze, and crisp sunshine add to the fun and festivities. Outdoor day weddings are nothing less than a dream setting and our outdoor wedding makeup tips will make you a princess.

The only thing you need to take care is that the make-up should be just right. A little less would make you look flat and going OTT will be a disaster.

outdoor wedding makeup tips
Shine on your D-Day with these wedding make-up tips.
Source – wittyvows

If you’re a bride to be or are attending a day wedding, we have the perfect make-up tips for you.

1. Start with Sunscreen

The most important element for an outdoor wedding is sun protection. Use a good quality SPF that matches your skin type. It’ll not just protect you from the sun but will also help keep your make-up in place. You can opt for easy sunscreen sprays as well.

Priyanka Chopra during her outdoor wedding, as shared by her on her Instagram.

2. Primer is your best friend

You shouldn’t skip primer when applying makeup, especially when it is an outdoor function. It will create a smooth canvas for your make-up to glide on and give a perfect look. Also moisturize your skin well to avoid any dry patches.

best makeup tips
For that dewy fresh look, a primer is a must…
Source – mywedding

Applying eye-shadow primer will ensure that the eye-shadow doesn’t crease and remains smudge free the entire day.

3. Foundation Mantras

Choose a foundation as per your skin type. You can go for a full coverage one or if you want to flaunt your naturally glowing skin, just skip the heavy duty foundation and go for a concealer.

bridal makeup tips
Foundation can make or break the look! So aim for perfection.
Source – highfashionpak

Applying a strobe cream mixed with foundation will give that natural glow. Also when you’ve applied liquid foundation, don’t forget to seal it with a powder.

4. Stay away from lip gloss

You never know of the wind. Then that hair going all over and sticking to your gloss is not what you want. Replace the gloss with a lip stain, it’ll stay longer and give your lips that rosy flush of color.

day wedding makeup tips
Natural tone make-up works best for day wedding festivities.
Source – wedmegood

5. Keep blotting sheets handy

Oil control sheets or blotting paper always comes to rescue. If you are someone with oily skin type and the wedding festivities are in slightly warmer weather, then the sweat and oil can ruin your make-up. Keep oil free blotting paper handy.

makeup tips for outdoor wedding
Let your bridesmaid have some emergency make-up kit handy.
Source – theunrealbride

6. Be careful with Falsies

Fake lashes are an instant way to add drama to your look. You can go for the full fluttery effect or for a more natural look. If you haven’t tried falsies make sure you wear them a couple of times before the wedding functions to get used to them.

outdoor wedding make-up tips
Flutter em’ lashes.
Source – thebridalbox

7. Blush it up

When you smile, it is the apple of your cheeks that pops up. Apply blush there and blend it to your temples. This would give an illusion that you’re naturally blushing! And what’s better than a blushing bride!

best bridal makeup tips
Hello Gorgeous!
Source – weddingsonline

Also it is recommended to avoid cream formulations. They tend to streak and add extra shine. Go for a soft powdery formula instead.

8. Strong staying power

You’re going to be under the sun for long hours and you don’t want your make-up to melt or crease away. Use a fluffy fan brush to generously apply translucent powder all over your face. Also set the make-up using a high quality setting spray. You can choose a dewy finish or a matte look, depending upon your choice.

outdoor wedding makeup looks
Coy bride or Badass bride, what will you be??
Source – zarah

9. Don’t forget hair spray

Beachy waves for haldi or a fancy updo for mehndi, your fancy hairstyle would go for a toss thanks to the frizz and humidity. Make sure to apply a leave-in conditioner, anti-frizz serum on damp hair and even after finishing your look.

best make-up tips
A quick little shower of hair spray and your stunning hairstyle stays in place.
Source – weddingmate

10. Play it safe

This especially is for all the brides. Don’t experiment with your look on the wedding day. Consider doing drastic changes like – changing hair color, trying new color palette for your eyes and lips, or even a new make-up in advance. Go with your natural look and pick colors that you’re confident to pull off.

day wedding makeup
On your wedding day, stick to your natural style.
Source – web.facebook

Do try these tips and let us know which of these helped you the most. Let’s stay connected over FacebookTwitterInstagram and you can get the latest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

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