Top 5 Makeup Trends

The season is changing and the makeup trends are taking a new dimension too. As seen on catwalks around the world, the following 5 makeup trends are on the go …

1. Lash mania : This is super defined eyelashes in monochrome. It’s easy to get! All you got to do is make the eyes really pop with super lashes. You may require some external help to stick the eyelashes else apply multiple coats of your own voluminous mascara to get the look.

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2. Matte is back and there is no more shine or shimmer on the lips. Buy your lipsticks in matte shades for the season and for the already existing glossy ones- simply dust some translucent powder after applying the lipstick to get the matte effect.

3. Ombre – Nail trends : Ombre in French means “Shaded”. This is a technique which starts with one color and then morphs into another. Try it out girls- its really cool! Lady Gaga has been sporting it and they are truly wacky and trendy. Mix white with a darker shade to get many different tones.

4. Less is more : The barely there look is in. Go minimalist with the makeup.Use a nude lipstick and drop the eye makeup and blush. Breathe in the skin.

5. Red and rest bare: Apply red lipstick on a nude face and drop rest of the cosmetics. I am serious! On a clean face, use a tinted moisturizer for a dewy complexion. Put on your boldest shade of red lipstick and go liberal with it. Sport it with hair that are pulled back and go sexy. Kareena Kapoor and Victoria Beckham have been sporting this trend now-a-days.

makeup trends

The autumn is on and the feeling of soothing temperatures makes these trends all the more desirable. These 5 makeup trends have been seen at Lakme fashion week and many celebrities are easing themselves in them. So my girlfriends… try these trends and create a topic of discussion around. Lets Expresso!

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