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Tips for winter hair

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Let’s Expresso and Marcus Francis, TRESemmé’s Global Hairstylist share easy tips, simple tricks and essentials for winter hair.

The chill in the air is nice but it brings with it the not so welcoming feel to the hair. The cool breeze often leaves hair unmanageable and dehydrated and lead to hair problems like dry scalp, dandruff, frizzy and lifeless hair. Therefore, taking special care of your tresses is all the more essential during this time. Marcus Francis shares some valuable Tips for winter hair care to keep your mane healthy and the scalp refreshingly clean this season.


  • Keep your hair hydrated. Nourish with good conditioners and hair masques.
  • Twice a week, apply hair masque starting from mid length to the ends. Keep for 3-5 minutes and rise off.
  • New launched TRESemmé Smooth and Shine Masque and TRESemmé Anti Breakage Masque are good options for their intense conditioning properties to make hair smoother, softer and manageable.

Don’t be harsh

  • Wash your hair twice a week. Do not shampoo too often.
  • Wash your hair with luke warm water. Avoid hot winter as it leaves the scalp dry and flaky.
  • Change your shampoo every 3-6 months to avoid your hair getting immuned to the shampoo.
  • Use shampoos that protect your hair from harsh weather. TRESemmé Climate Control shampoo + conditioner hydrates the hair and creates a barrier between the hair and harsh weather elements.

Lay of the heat

  • Air dry your hair in winters.
  • Avoid excessive hair drying during winters. Blow drying makes the hair brittle and dry.
  • Try the cool setting of the dryer. The hair may take longer to dry but it’s worth it.

Protect and cover your hair

  • Keep your head covered whenever you step out in the cold.
  • Use hats or knitted caps with satin or silk lining. Cotton, wool and other fibres absorb moisture and rub on the hair strands, thus damaging the hair.

Use friendly hair gear

  • Wear hair pins to secure hair while stepping out.
  • Use bobby pins or elastic bands to secure the hair. Avoid metal components as hair tends to tangle when wrapped around the metal.

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