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Tips for Pre Bridal preparation
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Tips for Pre Bridal Preparation : 
Marriage on the cards? Don’t know where to look? Don’t know whom to consult? NO problem. Lets Expresso along with Makeover expert Aashmeen Munjaal brings this super Pre-Bridal Preparation regime that will add glow to your skin and prepare you for your “D-Day”. You can go for it as close as 3 days to 3 months according to your requirement before the date of wedding. Following are the expert tips:
  • Add therapies as per your skin and hair requirements. Get a skin and hair analysis done before the pre-bridal and accordingly customise your package.
  • Be careful about your diet. Along with professional help, you should pay attention to the diet too. Add alot of white products like curd, eggs, milk and reds like carrots, juices, tomatoes etc to get that radiance from inside. The diet plan will enrich you with nutrients and vitamins and enhance the blood circulation for a super glow.
  • Have some fun with face packs that match your diet. Match colored packs with colored diet, curd pack with white diet and sandal + turmeric for yellow diet and so on. Tomato pack will suit the red diet plan.
  • Color makeover is the latest rage for Pre Bridal regime.
  • Let your hair breathe with organic oxygen mist hair treatments that suit all hair types. Go for spa treatments, hot oil massages for healthy shiny hair.
  • Nano crystal polishing will minimise all the scars and blemishes from your body.
  • Golden spoon therapy will help in getting a radiant glow on the face.

The most important tip is to stay happy and enjoy the days. These days and the single status will never come back so take each day as a final countdown to that most awaited day of your life and live it to the fullest. A happy bride is a naturally glowing bride.

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