The Third Wave by Soul Tree: Here are your reasons to go Organic.

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8th May’2014
The Oxford Book store at Cha Bar, Delhi buzzed with natural and healthy way of living and paved way for an interesting discussion on Organic way of living. The Third Wave by Soul Tree is a step towards imbibing the Natural and Organic way of life, an emergence of a safe and complete goodness era.
The discussion celebrated the Natural way of life with eminent personalities consisting of  Mr Vishal Bhandari, CEO Soul Tree, Ms Tina Chatwal, Super Model & former Miss India, Mr Rakesh Thakore of Abraham & Thakore and Ms Parineeta Sethi, Publisher Asia Spa. The Moderator, Mr Jaideep Sippy of Missisippy Foods ( a Brand to reckon with healthy, hi-fiber, easy food and snacks) gave an interesting twist to the entire discussion and shared his views along with the panelists on organic and natural lifestyle.

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Mr Vishal Bhandari of Soul Tree, Rakesh Thakore, Tina Chatwal

The following are the interesting facts of the discussion and powerful reasons to go Organic.

  • India is a country of intelligent people who have known the goodness of being natural since ages. We have lost on the path due to ignorance or attitude shift or hectic lifestyles. But being organic should be imbibed as a way of living to come naturally to us.
  • The emergence of big cosmetic and skincare brands led to the shift of consumers to easy and hassle free products. Companies like Soul Tree are bringing the change back to natural way of living by providing products that are organic and easily available and good for the skin at the same time.
  • The emergence of fast moving lifestyle should be given a thought and age old Grandma’s remedies should be brought back for healthy skin and beauty rituals.
  • Anything that comes from the nature in its raw or semi-processed form with absence of chemicals is good for living and is a sure shot way of healthy being and thinking.
  • The body absorbs alot from the chemicals in skincare and beauty products, hence should be avoided. The body needs to go chemical free from morning till evening to think and breathe healthy and happy.
  • Organic beauty products may have a value attached to them. But that is justified owing to the natural products & processes used while making them.
  • Organic beauty products in India are readily available. They were always there but the need and will to use them is missing. Once, the need is understood, making them a part of lifestyle will be easier and comfortable.
  • SoulTree is a pioneer in the production of organic Ayurvedic products. All the products are crafted using natural oils and selected Ayurvedic herbs grown organically or wild-crafted in the Himalayas. The products are devoid of artificial colours, harmful preservatives or fragrances. Introduced in November 2012 to the Indian market, the products are available on leading e-commerce sites.

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