The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor review

The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor review
The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor for a smooth shave with fewer nicks.

Razors weren’t a part of my life ever as I have think, coarse hair. Waxing was my only rescue but with its shares of woes- ingrowth, some hair too fine or tough to pull out. Not to forget, the hassle of waxing. I had a limited shelf life as waxing only gave a window of 7 days wherein I could wear short dresses. Start the 8th day and the hair would start showing up and kill my dreams of wearing anything that wasn’t ankle length. But these woes are not there anymore as I don’t wax anymore. I shave. I wear dresses whenever I want. I live with its pros and cons.

I won’t say that shaving doesn’t have its cons but weighing the pros, it’s my hair removal method now. Post Covid, I do not have the bandwidth to go to the salons for waxing. I am done with it I guess. Also, I’m undergoing laser hair removal and waxing is totally banned as a part of the process. Shaving is allowed and The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor is my staple now. It’s a fast hair removal method that lets me wear whatever I want, whenever I want.

The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor review
The cute pouch to store the razor.
The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor review
The blade that has to be inserted inside the metal head. Taking me back to the 90s.

The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor review

To begin with, it’s a pain free hair removal alternative to waxing. It’s designed for a smooth shaving experience.

Here are 5 reasons to go for The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor.

  • Sustainable: The shaver is made of natural bamboo making it sustainable & eco-friendly. There is no plastic in it.
  • Smooth hair removal: It is designed to work smoothly on the human body. It gives a smooth shave with fewer nicks.
  • Soft skin: It gives a close shave and leaves the skin soft, ready to wear your dresses and halter necks.
  • Made to last: With a stainless steel metal head, the razor will last you a long time. It comes with 10 blades ensuring it isn’t going to a landfill soon.
  • Cute pouch: The razor comes with a cute pouch that lets you store and carry it with ease for your vacations.

You can use it on any external region of your body. It reminded me of the old times when one would replace the blades in the razors. I love the way it glides on my skin to give a close shave. The muslin bag that comes along with the razor is handy and very useful to store the product.

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The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor review
The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor reviewThe Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor review
Be very careful while inserting it.

The Woman’s Company razor has helped me so much during the pandemic. If you’re scared to go to a parlour, use this for a hassle free, at home and convenient hair removal experience. This razor has been a lifesaver for me. I no longer have to wait for a waxing session to wear a dress. Life has become simpler.

Price: Rs 800 for 1 razor & 10 blades.

You can buy the product on The Woman’s Company website here.

The Woman’s Company, like the name says, makes intimate products for women. They have this razor, stand & pee sticks, menstrual cups, tampons, sanitary pads and panty liners.

Hope you liked the review. In case you’d like to know anything about the razor, do let me know in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: The product has been sent by the brand but the opinions are mine.

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