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A small store at Delhi’s Select Citywalk left me oodling over bath and body care products straight out of nature’s elements. The store manager surprised me with her vast knowledge of all the products and deep understanding of natural care. The Nature’s Co creates organic and vegan products to ensure bath and body experience as natural as possible.

Beauty Facts:

  • The brand brings forward the elements of air, sun, forest, earth and water to create five distinct ranges Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark. The elements inspire the goodness and appeal of the range.
  • Packaging and billing uses user friendly and recyclable materials like glass, PETG, acrylic and PP to conserve natural resources.
  • The store embarks strict values of using environment friendly and best natural ingredients. All products are vegan.
  • Goodness of nature is harnessed to positively affect beauty and bath.Select CityWalk
Select Citywalk
A complimentary massage to heal all the blues…

The stores are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Calcutta. The products range from hair, body, face, wellness, oral care to gifting and accessories. The store is divided into sections as per the elements of nature. The products look delicious and full of nature’s goodness. Of particular interest was a face scrub with coffee and Jasmine Sugar body scrub. The orange eye pillow was to die for. Chill it in the refrigerator and place over your eyes for a tranquil experience. You will be spoilt for a choice between the ranges, fragrance and the product textures. The prices are moderate and justify the natural ingredients.

The store runs various monthly offers and passes on the benefits to the buyers. Not to miss, the complimentary foot massage on a purchase of 1000 bucks. You get the products and you get the massage. Not bad! The recent offer is for the festive period where customers can avail good discounts on the products and even enroll for memberships. The store has a delight for everyone.

I may have missed the rustic slippers for evening strolls or that eye pillow for complete relaxation, but the complimentary gift hamper with incense oil and bath salt lures me for a quick return. I’ll be back soon for the missed buys.
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