Stay cool this summer with Parachute Body Lotion Advansed- Summer Fresh

With the temperatures soaring high and no news of monsoon nearby, Parachute Advansed body lotion- Summer Fresh with cool mint extracts & coconut milk is a breezy effect on an otherwise parched skin. One of the best body lotions experienced by me, Parachute advanced is a revolutionary product in skin care and one of the sorted out summer tips for skin.

Summer months are the most tortuous and skin needs maximum protection from heat, tanning, dehydration, bad odour and stickiness. All this make the usage of body lotion all the more essential. The all new Parachute Body lotion is a one stop solution for all these summer woes. This is certainly a vital summer tip for skin.

Parachute body lotion

Parachute body lotion is available in 3 pack sizes : 20 ml for an attractive price of Rs 5, 100 ml for Rs 65 and 250 ml for Rs 125/- . The bottle is curvy and light green in color for that feminine touch and feel. Here are my reasons for picking the bottle:-

–          Coconut milk based lotion with 100% natural moisturizers

–          Mint extracts for an instant cooling effect

–          Double protection against the UV A & B sun rays

–          Non greasy and easy spread on application

–          Deep penetration into the skin for a soft and revitalized look

–          Refreshing and long lasting fragrance


It’s been a fortnight of using the bottle and is already a part of my daily essential skincare. I don’t leave my house without using the lotion for its refreshing all day feel and double protection from the sunrays. The cool mint effect stays with me through out the day and the refreshing fragrance keeps me energetic. I am a happy user of Parachute Advanced Body lotion – Summer Fresh and would recommend it for staying fresh, hydrated and lively all summer long…So don’t wait.. pick your bottle soon and Let’s Expresso summer in style and freshness!





















  1. I have tried this…amazing…can’t stop talking about it. Have you tried their new variant Parachute Advansed Deep Nourish body lotion? I am using it right now…its light and absorbs well and smells heavenly which lingers for really long. I am telling you, give it a try…you will not regret it.

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