Soul Tree Travel Kit review

soultree xplore travel kit review

For me, Travel kit is a must. My last minute shouldn’t be sorting my travel kit, it should only be sorting my clothes and makeup. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a ready travel kit that you can just take out and fit into your bag. My one such is by Soul Tree. It’s compact, easy to carry and has all the essentials. Here is the Soul Tree Travel Kit review and by the end of the post, buy one for yourself and be sorted every time you travel.

The pictures below are taken by Honor 5C, another travel companion that lets you take pictures with ease and absolute clarity.

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soultree travel kit review
Soul Tree travel kit


Soul Tree Travel Kit review



The Soultree xplore travel kit comes in a jute pouch that is perfect for on the go beauty. It contains 4 essentials- face wash, moisturiser, shower gel and shampoo. Crafted from natural fibres, the products contain no parabens and are ethically sourced from wild and organic farms.


The travel kit is priced at Rs 350/- that includes the 4 bottles and jute pouch.


soultree xplore travel kit review


soultree travel kit review



  1. Facewash: Turmeric & Indian rose with forest honey
  2. Moisturiser: apricot oil & honey with kokum butter
  3. Shower gel: Indian rose with cooling vetiver
  4. Hair revitalising shampoo: Triphala with conditioning henna

All the products are 30 ml in quantity. The bottles are small and easy to carry. You can carry them in the jute pouch or inside a bigger travelling pouch that has your other essentials aswell.


The Soultree travel kit is available online. You can buy it from amazon here.

Get your hands on this travel kit and keep your vacations sorted.


We aren’t done yet. We also get you a quick review for Soul Tree nutgrass & neem facewash with soothing chamomile.

Soul Tree nutgrass & neem facewash with soothing chamomile review


soultree xplore facewash

soultree face wash review

Soul Tree Travel Kit review


Made for oily to combination skin, the face wash is priced at Rs 295 for 120 ml. Concocted with natural ingredients, the facewash is free from harsh chemicals and is mild on skin. This citrusy soap- free face wash gives a deep cleansing that controls oiliness. Anti- microbial action from neem and turmeric protects against acne and keeps the skin radiant, clean and irritation free. Available online at here.

And before I leave, Thank you Honor 5C for helping me with the photographs for the post. A good phone makes for a good companion and Honor 5C is a truly a friend in need.

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