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At the end of summers, we all cry for the skin havocs during winters. Give an ultimate boost to your skin with these simple and easy to do skincare tips for winters. Let’s Expresso along with Makeover expert Aashmeen Munjal suggests some skin therapy options to heal and refresh weary skin.

Moisturize More

Switch to an oil based moisturiser instead of water based. Oil will retain more moisture and create a skin protective layer. Avocado oil, almond oil, primrose oil or mineral oil would let the skin breathe and not clog up pores.

Dark Circles

The under eye delicate skin gets easily irritated in winters. Cold or flu can also darken veins running from eyes to nose. Drink plenty of water, use an eye cream and regularly exercise to boost blood circulation. Apply a light-diffusing cream concealer to disguise dark circles. Balance the blue tone of the dark circles by lightly dusting over peachy loose powder.

Avoid petroleum for lips

Keep a lip balm handy and apply often in winters. Lips have the maximum tendency to dry in winters. Avoid petroleum containing products as they can clog pores and make it hard for the moisture to get it.

Don’t put away the sunscreen

Winter sun is harsh too and can damage the skin. Just like summers, apply and re-apply sunscreen as required.

Drink water

An important and super beneficial tip to maintain healthy skin. Staying hydrated in winters should be a priority.

Cracked Heels

Moisturise your feet regularly in winters apart from regular pedicure. Apply foot creme every night before going off to sleep. Dip your feet in water water and rub off the dead skin with the harsh side of a towel or pumice stone.

Brittle nails

Keep a moisturiser near the bathroom sink to apply after every hand wash. Rub cuticle oil into the nails every week to keep them hydrated. Carry a hand cream in your bag to moisturise your nails and hands often.

Dry Skin

LE won’t say don’t indulge in hot showers but remember their harsh effects. Adequately moisturise your skin post a hot shower while your skin is still damp. Indulge in body spas and massages and maintain the skin elasticity.

Feed your Skin

Eat rich green vegetables in winters and indulge in exotic soups. Include in omega 3s like salmon and flax seeds, blueberries, spinach, leafy greens and colorful fruits for a healthy skin.

Ditch the Pump

Pick up jars rather than pump bottles for moisturisers. Jars contain thicker cremes better suited for parched skin during chilly winters.

Love yourself and love the chill. Indulge in hot cappuccinos and sultry salad-soup combinations and have fun. Enjoy every moment of that cold bite. I can feel a nip in the air already and can’t wait to dig out those stylish jackets, colorful mufflers and  knee high boots. The early morning fog, sun gazing behind the clouds, hot cup of tea and just you and me. Aah I’m so looking forward to all of it. In-between all this, take care of your skin and keep it super stylish.
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