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Monsoons have arrived! And with every downpour, the spirits are refreshed. The skin, however, does not feel the same enthusiasm and contrary suffers from extreme oiliness or dehydration caused by monsoon. This is also the time when skin becomes irritable due to extreme humidity and rashes erupt due to season change. All this gives way to other skin problems too.

Rains can be harsh on the skin. The summer radiant skin suddenly looks dull and weary. Here are five skin care tips for Monsoon and some products to help you protect from the damages caused by rain and weather-change:

  1. Use a Moisturiser cum sunscreen: Skin in monsoon behaves differently. It becomes all the more important to take care of it. Though everything around is bright and beautiful, skin is unable to breathe properly due to increased humidity and as a result appears dry. Apply a moisturising body lotion that has sunscreen in it. The body lotion protects and saves the skin from drying and tanning. Vaseline Healthy White moisturiser contains SPF 25 that not only prevents the skin from tanning but also nourishes and makes it 4 times fairer instantly. Read the review here for Vaseline Healthy white body lotion range.
  2. Cleanse the skin: Facial skin should be given utmost importance during monsoonsThe face should be cleansed 3-4 times a day using non-soapy options. The skin has to breathe freely and excessive oil and dirt from the skin pores has to be washed off. Cleansing also helps in keeping blackheads and whiteheads away.
  3. Say No to Frizz: The moisture in the air and wind makes your hair frizzy during monsoons. To avoid hair from becoming frizzy and unmanageable, cover it with protective scarves. Choose some fashionable scarves to go with your outfits. Additionally, wash your hair frequently as humidity and sweat makes it messy and dirty and attract dust and pollution.
  4. Hydrate yourself: Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water. This will maintain skin hydration and suppleness as the skin loses much water due to sweating.
  5. Avoid fungal infections: Fungal infections are the most heard of during rainy season. Be careful and never keep the skin wet for a long time. Ensure bathing everyday and try to use lukewarm water along with anti-fungal creams, soaps and talc. This will prove to be very effective in combating fungal invasion.

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  1. Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for these valuable tips. I keep wash my hair on daily basis especially during summer. And I always use sunscreen whenever I go out in day.

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