Sit Safe: Don’t fear public loos anymore.

toilet seat sanitizer

There is a terror attached while using public loos, relative’s loos, restaurant loos or for that matter any loo outside our homes. Girls have this problem by the nature of law. And being clean comes naturally to us. We all have used probably all tricks possible from dehydrating ourselves to squatting brilliantly so that no part of our body touches the toilet seat to even layering tissues over the seat before using. But with growing age, one realises that squatting and resisting the urge to empty our bladders is no longer possible. The better washrooms in hotels and spas and restaurants may come easy but the actual ‘public loos’ are still a nightmare to use. And if you are on a road trip, either you look for an Indian loo or God save you.

While I always keep tissues in my bag as handy weapons, I jumped at the mention of Sit Safe, the Toilet Seat Sanitizer. A friend of mine introduced the concept and even sent it across. And like all good things must be shared, here is all that needs to be known about Sit safe.


toilet seat sanitizer


toilet seat sanitizer
Always in my bag now.


Sit Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Sit Safe (product by Aringel) comes in a handy bottle and can be easily sprayed on the toilet seat, flush handle and even door knobs. It is herbal and kills germs upto 99.9%. Spray it and wait for a few seconds for it to work and kill the germs. It has this strong pleasing smell that can even fight the public loo stench. It is similar to the same smell/fragrance that comes from well maintained hotel and spa loos. Since the product contains no harmful chemicals, it is safe to use.

Price: Rs 99/- for 50 ml.

Where to buy? Available at leading chemists, departmental stores and baby shops.

Online: Amazon, Firstcry, Paytm, Flipkart

Besides one can also call at +91-9310644166 for home delivery (cash on delivery).

Don’t let the fear of using public loos bother you anymore. Sit Safe disinfects the public toilet seat and makes it safe to use. Now have as much water as you want on the go and don’t hold the urge to relieve yourself. When there is a solution, why not make full use of it. This has become one permanent fixture in my bag along with my hand cream.

While I would still spread the toilet paper out of habit and psychological comfort, Sit Safe has mentally made me more open towards using public toilets. I no longer fear the thought of using one in time of need.

P.S: I plan to keep a bottle in my home washroom aswell. Cleanliness begins at home.

If you feel like thanking me for introducing the product, there is a comments section below. Just kidding! Incase you plan to buy and use the product, do drop in a word in the comments.

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