Ruby’s Organics Lipstick review

Ruby's Organics Lipstick review
Organic, Paraben free and 100% vegetarian.

The only piece of makeup that really matters to me is my lipstick. I can walk out a plain Jane but not without my lipstick. Sometimes I am in a hurry with no time to apply makeup or sometimes it’s sheer laziness but a lipstick is always there. Since it’s my staple, finding out about Ruby’s Organics was utter delight.

Ruby’s Organics is a wholesome brand that uses only natural and organically sourced ingredients for their entire makeup range. They further infuse the products with bio-active ingredients to nourish and care for the skin. Their intention is clear- to turn makeup into skin-care.

Ruby's Organics Lipstick review
My 7 shades of Ruby’s Organics Lipsticks.
Ruby's Organics Lipstick review
Organic, Paraben free and 100% Vegetarian.

Rubeina. K, the founder had her foundation clear. She wanted to create an ‘honest brand’ sans toxics that most cosmetics contain. And she did succeed. She created an alternative that is kind to skin and our environment. I received 7 of her beautiful shades and each shade has a story to tell. I have swatched all the 7 shades for all of you. Have a look and pick your favourite ones.

Ruby's Organics Lipstick review
Very apt for evenings.
Just like the fruit!
Ruby's Organics Lipstick review
Sweet like a raisin…
Ruby's Organics Lipstick review
Very dreamy, very me!
Ruby's Organics Lipstick review
My favourite from the lot!

The lipsticks are priced at Rs 990/- each and are available at

You can easily buy them from Amazon by clicking here for delivery anywhere in India.

Recap of the lipsticks:

  1. Paraben free
  2. Made of organic and natural ingredients
  3. Not tested on animals
  4. 100 % Vegetarian and alcohol free
  5. The lighter shades like Nuddy may need to be applied twice to get the desired shade consistency. Organic lipsticks are not highly pigmented due to organic and natural ingredients.

Do give these lipsticks a try and give your lips love and care.

Here is a video review of the Ruby’s Organics lipsticks too. Do watch!

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  1. Hey, I am often looking for different products online that i can try and recommend and while doing so today i found your page today. I must say i really liked this product and will definitely gift it to someone. Keep up the great work

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