Review: Loreal Magic Retouch for temporary grey coverage in just 3 seconds

Review: Loreal Magic Retouch
Shake, spray and get the confidence back before an important event.

I bought Loreal Magic Retouch for the first time in 2017 before my Tata Sky shoot. I was shooting for a few episodes and my greys were bothering me. There weren’t enough for a colour but not few too to not bother. That in between situation is the worst. And that’s where Loreal Magic Retouch comes for a rescue. All you need is a few sprays and you’re ready for any important occasion of your life.

Review: Loreal Magic Retouch for temporary grey coverage

Loreal Paris has relaunched the Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray which helps in colouring the hair on the go. It is hair colour in a spray form for the ‘on-the-go touch ups’ in just 3 seconds. Loreal sent the product for a trial and I’m a happy user.

Convenient to use

It’s the most convenient form of root touch up. It helps in covering greys temporarily that last until washed out. You just have to spray in the roots in a light stream. Do not overspray. A little amount is good. Just let it dry for 60 seconds and style your hair your way. It dries quickly and perfectly blends with your hair colour.

My shade is Dark brown which is a broad shade and will match the natural browns and blacks as well.

The Magic Retouch is a 3 step formula- shake, spray and style.

It’s light weight and transfer free and will last until your next shampoo. So you’re good to go for a few days. You can apply on your temple area also without a hassle. Just cover your face with your hand and spray. You can wipe or wash your hand easily. Just avoid rains and sweat when using the product.

Review: Loreal Magic Retouch
Easy to carry, easy to use.
Review Loreal Magic Retouch
No more hiding behind the greys.

Absolutely price friendly

Price: Rs 299 for 75 ml that lasts up to 25 uses. There are many shades available like brown, dark brown, black, blond, dark blond.

You can find it at all the local cosmetic stores and online as well. Click here to buy on Amazon.

Loreal Magic Retouch cannot replace the full head retouch that we get done in salons. But it can replace your woes on seeing greys which aren’t long enough to get salon coloured but not short enough to not show. It’s perfect as an SOS help. It’s great to be carried for a vacation wherein you can’t let your greys spoil your mood.

I used it for the first time before my shoot and trust me, it was a big help. I was no longer conscious of my greys because Loreal Magic Retouch covered them like nobody’s business.

Try the product and find the ease it brings.

Hope you liked my review. Do let me know if you’ve tried the product already or look forward to trying it.

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I’ll be back with another review soon. Before you leave, check out the L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Serum review. You’ll like it.

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