Lacto Calamine Reneu Anti Aging Cream Reviews

Lacto Calamine

Lacto Calamine Anti Aging Cream Reviews

Anti ageing creams have been swamping every nook and corner of the markets, malls, chemists and now the convenient online portals. There are many brands claiming superior quality ingredients to give youth feel back into the skin. My recent discovery is the Lacto Calamine Reneu Anti Aging cream available with the Science of Age defiance. The anti ageing cream comes from the most trusted brand, the brand that we all have grown up with- Piramal Healthcare. I still use the Lacto Calamine lotion and prefer it over other skin creams for bright, lively skin tone and texture. After using n number of sunscreens, beauty creams, this cream, that cream- LactoCalamine still scores and soothes the skin like no other cream. It reminds me of my growing up years, that naiveness and innocence and carefree time that can never come back.lacto calamine lotion
Lacto Calamine lotionOur skin ages rapidly with age. 30+ is the new 40 and we youngsters can feel the damage at this early age due to frequent exposure to sun, dirt, pollution, smoke, dust and hectic lifestyles. The skin starts sagging and loosing elasticity. Anti ageing creams in india are seeing a spurt in demand because of prolonged high temperature summers. The temperature goes beyond tolerance and the harsh sun rays damage the most. Thanks to anti ageing skin treatment like this cream, restoring youth is possible from home.
Lacto Calamine reneu comes with a proof that it works- what more is needed? The pack contains a reneu proof strip that helps in establishing results over 8 weeks usage.

  • The cream is US Patented with natural nourishing Organic extracts.
  • Coming from the trusted brand, it’s history is known for skin care and protection.
  • The cream restores and rejuvenates and is for all skin types,PH 6.5
  • The bottle is compact with a golden attractive lid.
  • Priced at Rs 799/- for 50 grams, it is easily available at beauty shops, chemists and online sites.
  • You can buy it online at 
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