Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel
Iraya Jirakadi Lepa for Depigmentation & Manjistha Eye Contour Gel

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Today I am going to review 2 products from Iraya which I have been using over a long time and both the products have done real good to my skin. The products are :

1. Iraya Jirakadi Lepa- Depigmentation recipe

2. Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel

Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel
Iraya Jirakadi Lepa for Depigmentation & Manjistha Eye Contour Gel

The Iraya brand of beauty and wellness products are a strong culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and international expertise. With easy to use products, the brand is creating perfect synergies for the modern day consumer.

Iraya Jirakadi Lepa- Depigmentation recipe Review

Depigmentation mask
Look at the texture- It feels like a homemade lepa.

The lepa comes in a glass tumbler and is dark green in color and muddy in texture. With a strong cumin (jeera) smell, the concoction of ingredients is a delight to watch. It appears as if it’s home made and totally raw and fresh. It is not like cosmetic face packs available in the market. You can hand touch the ingredients and feel the nature working on your skin. The lepa has to be diluted with fresh milk to make a light paste and has to be kept for an hour on the face. I apply it at night while watching TV when I’m done with the day chores. That way, the hour time goes quickly and I get fresh skin before retreating to bed.

The lepa is Iraya’s 100% natural remedy. Cumin seeds, black sesame, black mustard and Krishna Jeera work together to remove scars, blemishes and black spots. The Jirakadi lepa lightens pigmentation, improves skin’s surface and overall appearance.

End Benefits : Lightens pigmentation, helps remove scars, blemishes and black spots.

Price: Rs 495/- for 50 gm.

Buy online at

Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel Review

Quick to absorb, appealing to the senses.

The Eye Contour Gel comes in a small glass jar and is easy to use. The nutrient rich Skin care gel is rose pink in color with a very pleasing odour. Quick to absorb by the skin, the extracts of Indian madder and lavender essential oil help to cool the eye area, minimise dark circles and reduce swelling and puffiness. Regular use brightens the eye area. Use it morning- evening or any time of the day.

End Benefits: Reduces dark circles, swelling and fine lines around eyes.

Price: Rs 395/- for 25 gm.

Buy online at


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