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Anne French Tender care hair remover creme review

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Anne French, one of the pioneers in the hair removal creme industry has recently launched another revolutionary concept in India. Anne French Tender Care is a convenience kit with Skin polishing sponge and Easy-On applicator. The kit makes the hair removal process easier and convenient and saves from the messy and cumbersome cremes otherwise found in the market. The Anne French Tender care kit indeed simplifies the entire hair removal process. Anne French has been the market leader for decades and is trusted by millions of happy customers. The brand celebrates its Golden Jubilee next year.

Anne French Shea Surprise is a new and improved formulation that offers safe and gentle creme for delicate teen skin. The creme is easy to apply and glides on swiftly with the help of Easy-On Applicator. This new formulations has shea butter and aloe vera gel for various skin benefits. Post depilation, the skin becomes smoother and softer. The exotic fragrance of green tea uplifts the senses with its aroma and freshness.Anne French Tender care

Benefits of the Unique Convenience kit:

  • Easy on applicator for a no mess application. Infact it makes the application hands free.
  • Skin Polishing sponge exfoliates the skin while gently removing the unwanted hair. You can say bye to the age old spatula.
  • Natural ingredients combined with their aromatic fragrance make the experience exotic.
  • Skin feels softer and smoother post usage.
  • The pack is convenient and easy to carry.
  • Priced at Rs 60, the pack can be used a couple of times depending upon how large the area of coverage is.


  • People with hard skin may find some problem in getting rid of unwanted hair. This is one of my major concerns and as a result, I have to yield to waxing sessions.
  • People with extremely delicate skin and prone to skin allergies should do a patch test to see the feasibility of the cream on their skin.




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