Review: Age Control Dark Circle Primer by Khuraira Cosmetics

Age Control Dark Circle Primer
Age Control Dark Circle Primer by Khuraira cosmetics

Age Control Dark Circle Primer by Khuraira Cosmetics

It came as a surprise mail by Khuraira Cosmetics for a review of their Age control Dark Circle primer. The next week the product was inside my door too. To my surprise, they had also sent their age control concealer along with a mascara and a lipstick for me to have a complete makeup range. Well abundance of makeup- what else a girl wants ?

Khuraira cosmetics, with their flagship store at Washington Street,NJ, USA is one of the pioneers of airbrush makeup. The brand is expanding into international markets with the motto of making the world flawless with one face at a time.

The primer is available at the following link:

Age Control Dark Circle Primer by Khuraira cosmeticsLet’s look at the BENEFITS of the Dark Circle Primer by Khuraira cosmetics:

  • Eyes look less fatigued and tired. The primer makes the eyes brighter.
  • The concealer when applied over the primer will stay put for a longer time and will create a flawless finish.
  • The orange colour technology camouflages the under eye skin and discolorations.
  •  Sufficient moisturizer for delicate under eye skin.

How to apply?

Dark circle primer has to be used along with the concealer that matches your complexion. The primer can be applied over dark circles, skin imperfections, tattoo’s and has to be even out with the help of a concealer. The primer helps in the ultimate camouflage for a radiant you. Apply the primer using your finger tips and even it out. For a better coverage, use the concealer with a brush and set with a compact powder. It’s a lethal combination of a primer, concealer and the compact powder that works together for an even look.

1. First of all moisturize the overall skin. Then apply the primer over dark circles, skin imperfections and blend it.

2. Apply the concealer with the help of the concealer brush and even out the entire face.

3. Set it in with the help of an invisible powder/compact/bronzer and you are good to go with a radiant and happy skin.

Girlies, have a good day and a fresh skin that shines with health and wealth, wink.

Stay Stylish…


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