Rêvées Clive Review- Secrets from the Earth & Sea

Rêvées Clive Review
Thank you Rêvées Clive for sending the products.

Glow brighter than the holiday lights with Rêvées Clive Holistic Skincare & Hair Care.

I got pretty excited when Rêvées Clive approached me for a review of their beauty products. Anything which is different always has my eye. And Rêvées Clive amalgamates biotechnology and Ayurveda for holistic skincare, interesting, isn’t it? The technology helps in enhancing the efficacy and stability of the products.

Rêvées Clive makes biotechnology inspired beauty products that serve as soul food for the skin. Their array of organic products will make you believe in natural magic. Let’s look at the 3 products sent by them, their benefits, price and availability. Here are all the reasons for you to add Rêvées Clive in your stash.

Rêvées Clive Review
It’s always great to receive cruelty free & vegan products.

Rêvées Clive review- Secrets from the Earth & Sea

  • Peony & Turmeric Ubtan

The word ubtan itself is so satisfactory bringing old times to the forefront. This secret De-Tan formula works wonders for the skin.

Rêvées Clive Review Peony & Turmeric Ubtan
Peony is great for glowing skin.
Rêvées Clive Review Peony & Turmeric Ubtan
Bringing pureness in a jar!

Rêvées Clive Peony & Turmeric Ubtan is your answer if you’re looking for a 100% natural soap-free Ayurvedic cleanser that gently exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. The product worked great for my skin as it has anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that help minimize open pores and give an even-toned & glowing complexion. If you’ve been exposed to the harsh sun and suffer tanned skin, this product is very good for you. Use it all over your body and feel its love.

Price Rs 989/- for 120 gm.

  • Active Algae Scalp Oil

Did I hear the word oil? Oh yes and it’s one of my favourites words.

If you suffer massive hair fall like me or have rough & dry hair texture, try Rêvées Clive Algae scalp oil for an intensive scalp therapy treatment. The oil strengthens hair and stimulates cell regeneration. Algae is known for nourishing the hair and this hair oil is packed with nutrients that boost hair quality.

Rêvées Clive Active Algae Scalp Oil review
This is secret hair growth treatment.
Rêvées Clive Review
Look at that golden hue! It’s a powerful concoction.

Price Rs 899/- for 100 ml.

I love massaging my hair with Active Algae Scalp Oil, leave it overnight and let my hair soak as much nutrients as possible. It’s always a good idea to leave any oil over the night for maximum impact and follow with a mild shampoo wash. In my case, it’s the Active Algae Scalp Cleanser that does the shampoo magic and also makes for my third and the last product in the review.

  • Active Algae Scalp Cleanser

The instructions are pretty interesting and something I’ve read for the first time. I have to mix one part shampoo with three parts water (depending on hair length & volume) and apply all over the scalp and hair length. Pretty realistic too! The method saves a great deal of my shampoo.

I love the way it cleanses my hair, without striping the hair’s natural oils. This secret dandruff remover purifies and protects the scalp leaving it absolutely clean and oil-free. If you’ve dandruff, go for this. I know how itchy it gets to have dandruff in the hair. Rêvées Clive Active Algae Scalp Cleanser has the goodness of algae which makes the hair glorious.

Rêvées Clive Review Active Algae Scalp Cleanser review
Rêvées Clive Active Algae Scalp Cleanser
Rêvées Clive Review Active Algae Scalp Cleanser review
Say hello to lively hair!
Rêvées Clive Review
Wholesome hair experience that makes me believe in natural magic again.

The shampoo is priced at Rs 889/- for 250ml.

You can order all Rêvées Clive products online here.

You’ll be further happy to know that the products are-

  • Cruelty free & vegan
  • Natural & safe
  • Mineral oil free
  • Silicon free
  • Paraben free

Go ahead and try the products. They have the secrets from the Earth and sea.

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