Holi 2017
Get rid of the colour from Holi with these easy peasy tips. Source - onlymyhealth

Now that the Holi madness is over, it is time to get back to your usual self. But who is that coloured goofball staring at you from the mirror? Oh! it’s youuu…

Holi 2017
Get rid of the colour from Holi with these easy peasy tips.
Source – onlymyhealth

The colour will not go after one wash, so don’t worry and stress about it. You need to take care of skin and hair a tad bit extra to keep the after effects of harsh chemicals and colours at bay.

Here are some post Holi skin and hair care tips to get back yourself.

1. Don’t be harsh on your skin. Excessive scrubbing would do a lot of damage. Be gentle and only use mild products to get rid of the colour.

post holi skin and hair care tips
Don’t scrub your skin too hard. It’ll rip off the protective layer and will leave your skin dry and rough.
Source – top10inaction

2. Use a make-up remover to get rid of the first layer of colour and dirt.

3. Using a mild soap free cleanser is a great idea. It’ll get rid of the colour without stripping the moisture from your skin.

4. Mix raw milk and gram flour (besan) in required quantities to make a thick paste. Apply it all over your face and body. Allow it to dry and gently scrub. Wash off using lukewarm water.

post holi skin care tips
Besan and Milk face pack to get rid of the tan and the leftover Holi colour.
Source – healthyfoodsecret

5. Avoid using hot water to wash your face and hair. Replace it with lukewarm water instead.

6. If you see your teeth stained with colour, use a mixture of salt and lemon juice to get rid of the ugly stains.

7. Use a mild shampoo to get rid of the colour and dirt from your hair and then use a conditioner to lock in the moisture.

8. You could also use some natural homemade hair packs to get rid of the damage and frizz. Here are some easy DIY hair packs that you can try.

hair packs
Make use of kitchen ingredients to make effective hair packs.
Source – stylecraze.com

9. The colour will not magically disappear after one wash. It might take a few days, so be patient. Massage your arms and legs with an oil of your choice – olive oil, baby oil, or coconut oil. It’ll keep your body moisturized and will help to get rid of the colour as well.

Olive Oil for skin
Olive oil works wonders to moisturize your skin. Enjoy a fulfilling massage session.
Source – Medical News Today

10. For a couple of days after Holi use a thick moisturizer or body butter on your arms and legs. It’ll protect your skin from getting rough and dry.

post holi skin care tips
Use a generous amount of your favorite body butter to protect your skin.
Source – fewdressesmanytravels.com

11. Oil your hair regularly before washing them for 3 -4 times at least after Holi. You cannot underestimate the super power of a good champi. It nourishes your hair, strengthens your roots and gives them a natural shine. And after all the damage from the colours and dirt, all this is much needed.

12. Use natural face masks to get back the glow and moisture. These are some easy DIY fruit face packs that you can use.

post holi skin and hair care tips
The goodness of fruits to get naturally glowing skin.
Source – stylecraze.com

13. Take time out and indulge in a pampering session for your skin and hair. How about a facial at home? 

Hope these tips make your Post Holi clean up easy and hassle free. Stay connected with us at FacebookTwitterInstagram for more such exciting updates.



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