Pigmentation and Dark Spots? You need Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit review
Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit

Are you tired of pigmentation showing up on your skin? Are those dark spots unbearable? I understand. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing unwanted occurrences on the face. Pigmentation & dark spots can hit anytime, at any age. There is no logic to them. Well, we can’t really reverse ageing or tell our hormones to behave, we can certainly apply a few products that can help us heal. Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit helps here.

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit is an Ayurvedic regime for de pigmentation and dark spots removal. Green Coffee, the powerful ingredient is rich in antioxidants. It works on blemishes to reduce pigmentation. We all know the benefits of green coffee in aiding weight loss & boosting metabolism. With this kit, the brand takes the benefit to skin improvement too.

I’ll speak about all the 3 products in the kit one by one. I’ll talk about the formulation, benefits, pricing and the ease of home care. Be with me.

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit Review

Formulation: Ayurvedic
Ingredients: Plant based ingredients | NO paraben, silicones, paraffin or any other harmful chemical.
Skin Type: All
Power Ingredient: Green Coffee

Products: Three (Face Scrub, Face Mask, Day & Night Cream)

This is an easy 3 product regime for de pigmentation, lightening dark spots & evening the skin tone.

1Green Coffee Blemish Clear Face Scrub

The smell of it will attract you immediately. It’s a kickass concoction of green coffee, oatmeal and turmeric. There is nothing else but nourishment in this product. It exfoliates and repairs sun damaged skin. Oatmeal and turmeric repair skin damage from sunburns and blemishes. I use it twice a week. We all know how to use a scrub. I massage it gently for 2-3 minutes to reveal a clean and clearer skin.

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Face Scrub review
Scrub the face for 2-3 minutes to see and feel clean skin.

You will instantly feel clean and smooth skin which will feel soft to touch too. I just love the product. The consistency is not as thick as other scrubs I have used till date. The jar bottle makes it easier to scoop out. A big scoop is enough for a single usage. The scrub is not hard on the face. I usually scrub my face for 2-3 minutes while watching TV. It’s all cool with this Ayurvedic preparation which has the goodness of mulberry extract, emulsifying wax, sunflower oil and shea butter too.

2Green Coffee Blemish Clear Mask

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. This time it came in the form of a mask. Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Mask deep cleanses and tightens the pores. The mask is enriched with highly potent actives. It sucks out dirt & impurities. Licorice lightens dark spots and prevents hyperpigmentation. The mask protects the skin from break outs which makes it a big yes for me.

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Face Mask review
Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, twice a week to see your skin heal.

I apply the mask twice a week and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. The good part is that I don’t need to wet my face to apply it. The mask is ready to us. It may give a bit of a tingling sensation which is okay. The natural ingredients have a way to deal with each skin. In about 5 minutes, it would start drying up and you would feel it tightening your skin. You can even extend the face mask to half an hour. Just wash it up to see a fresh face.

3Green Coffee Blemish Clear Day & Night Cream

I love the texture of this cream. It is neither thick nor running like a lotion. It gets instantly absorbed by the skin. This day & night cream is made with the goodness of shea butter, coconut oil, aloe gel, honey, grapeseed oil and lavender essential oil. These are just some of the ingredients. The list stands tall.

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear day & night cream review
Say hello to soft skin.

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Cream lightens dark spots and evens the skin tone. Mulberry extracts, apple cider vinegar and green coffee work together to reduce pigmentation and dark spots.

Price: Rs 1597/-. You can buy the Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit online here.

The brand recommends a patch test before the usage of products as some people are allergic to natural substances or have sensitive skin. I have sensitive and acne prone skin and I found the products effective and safe to use.

The best part is that all the products are made of natural ingredients. The jar bottles are pretty and convenient to store. My best time for self-care is night time. I combine my skincare and TV time together.

I strongly urge to make skin care a part of your routine. Mature skin needs all the more care to delay the signs of ageing. Products like these just make skin care easy and hassle free. It can’t be easier than this 3 step process.

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💜 Tanya, committed to your well-being!

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