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Body spray for men

If you are looking to gift something to your man, then this is your article! Men, unlike women are not easy to impress. First there are so less gifting options and second, all their toys are expensive. So this leaves with too little options to gift within budget and ease. While writing for my earlier post about Perfumes for women, I had a chance to stumble upon Men perfumes from the brand All Good Scents and I had my reason to bring forth this brilliant fragrance brand to all of you. Here are 5 reasons to gift your man a fragrance from All Good Scents.

  1. Choice. Choose from Everyday Essentials for him to Eau De Toilette range and gift your man the perfume that defines him the most. There is an option to try the perfumes at home. Choose via Scentbox and get 3 testers to try at home.
  2. Affordable luxury perfumes. The Eau De Toilette range hovers between INR 990/- to 1500 and the everyday essentials are at a flat rate of INR 750/-. With the ease in pricing, gift a pair or a hamper, as per your budget.
  3. Easy availability. The perfumes are easily available online at their site Just order at the convenience of your home, anytime and any day. Shopping Perfumes for men made super easy.
  4. Nice packaging. The Men perfumes are neatly packed in a box and the bottles have an upbeat look to them. All in all, it makes a powerful gifting statement.
  5. Safe delivery. All the perfumes are carefully delivered at your doorstep and utmost care is taken to ensure safe delivery.

Perfumes for men always have an edge for they define the ‘X’ in men. These Men perfumes have a fragrance to add that charm and vitality to the wearer and I have identified each variant for all the alpha males of my family. Here is a quick take on all the 4 variants of the Essentials for Him range.

men perfumes
The Essentials for Him range.

Quantity: 50 ml each

Price: INR 750 each

  • Smooth

With a woody spice fragrance, it’s a smooth operator. Just a hint of fragrance and the day is on the roll. With the Base Notes of sandal wood and white musk, the fragrance is simply smooth.

  • Cool

Be as fresh as mint and leave a lingering scent as you sway. With the Top Notes of coriander and mint, spread the cool dude message on fire.

  • Free

As the name, as the spirit. A fragrance straight from the nature to set you free. With lemon and sweet lime as Top Notes, feel the freshness of seawater and liberation.

  • Alive

I get wings to fly…I’m Alive! Live life to the fullest and Don’t try too hard, just be naturally macho. The Heart Notes of Cedar and Rosewood do the trick and your man doesn’t have to try too hard, he just easily becomes irresistible.

Order these Perfumes for men and experience yourself the ease and convenience offered by All Good Scents. And do come back and share your experience with the brand and the fragrances.

  1. Hey, what a perfect timing. I was just looking for a gift for my brother and thought of checking your blog and this article just happened to be the recent one. Truly the perfumes are in budget and I can perhaps order 2 instead of 1. Thanks Thanks

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