Oriflame Pure skin Scrub Face Wash Review

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Oriflame Pure skin Scrub face wash

I have something for scrub based face washes. Maybe it’s the 2-in-1 product or the grainy effect or the feel good factor hmmm. But the bottom line is that I love scrub based face washes.

My love for the same let me to the Oriflame Pure skin Scrub face wash. The face wash exfoliates, targets spots and works with a salicylic acid formula. The deep action maintains skin’s eco system. The scrub in the face wash is like pearls working on your skin.

beauty blog
Oriflame Pure skin Scrub face wash

Price: Rs 499/-

Quantity: 150 ml

Availability: Through Oriflame consultants

Oriflame Pure skin Scrub Face Wash Review

  • The exfoliating microbeads purify pores and protect against the appearance of blackheads.
  • The consistency of the face wash is medium with a light soothing fragrance.
  • The blue color gives an aqua effect.
  • The pump nozzle is easy and convenient to use.
  • The bottle looks nice and can be placed at the shower area or near the wash basin.
  • Lightly massage over wet face and rinse thoroughly.

The microbeads work like tiny granules on the skin. You can feel them working on your skin. With gentle fingers and light strokes, the face wash will work at the deeper levels and result in a fresh and clean skin. It is mild and good for everyday use- morning/evening.

A face wash is that essential that can really lighten up the mornings and evenings. For me, it is an everyday use at bath and last thing before retreating to bed. A thorough clean up gives that AHA effect and results in a good night sleep too, I mean it!

What’s your take on Face washes? Is it like just a clean up or you believe too that a face wash can lighten up a day? Do let us know in the comments below.

  1. For me, the one which can lighten up my day. Even I have a special corner for 2 in 1 face wash. Seems to be a nice product and worth trying. 😀

  2. Hì guy. I wonder this face wash is used every day or twice a wẹek, because some people say it is used twice a week. I’m very confused

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