Review: Oriflame Pure Nature Facial Kit with Tea Tree & Rosemary

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Oriflame Pure Nature Facial Kit for Combination to Oily skin Tea Tree and Rosemary.

The Oriflame Pure Nature Facial Kit with Tea Tree & Rosemary for Combination to Oily skin is my recent find. Easy to use, convenient and pretty looking containers just make the entire experience a step above. You can do a facial at home with these easy 4 steps and you’re good to go for any party or a plan with girls. You’re sorted in half an hour.

lifestyle blog
Oriflame Pure Nature Facial Kit for Combination to Oily skin Tea Tree and Rosemary.

Oriflame Pure Nature Facial Kit for Combination to Oily skin contains the following products :

  1. Purifying Wash and Tone Gel. The gel thoroughly cleanses the skin and reduces excess sebum. With toning properties, it leaves the skin healthy and clear.
  2. Purifying Scrub. Remove dead cells and impurities with this Tea Tree and Rosemary Scrub. It exfoliates the skin while leaving it healthy and soft.
  3. Purifying Cream. Balance and hydrate the skin with this Purifying Cream. It helps in refreshing the skin and keeping excess oil at bay.
  4. Purifying Mask. The Kaolin Clay Mask leaves the skin clean, soothed and fresh. This relaxing face mask is a pure delight.

Steps to use the Oriflame Pure Nature Facial Kit.

Step 1: Start with the Purifying Wash & Tone gel. Gently massage on wet skin and rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 2: Gently massage the Purifying Scrub on face for 4-5 minutes with outward and upward strokes. Rinse with water.

Step 3: Massage the Purifying Cream for 10-15 minutes. It will stimulate microcirculation. Wipe off with a soft hand towel or a wet tissue.

Step 4: Apply the Purifying Mask on face and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash the face thoroughly for a soft and radiant skin.

Price: Rs 1399/-

Available with Oriflame consultants and Oriflame Online.

A facial at home can be done anytime. You can do it on a holiday or before retreating to bed after a tiring day or anytime of the day as per your convenience. Housewives have the liberty to do it at any hour. Just a point to note: Do it when you have time, don’t hurry it up. This is your Me Time. Put the phone on silent and enjoy this half an hour. The world can wait :).

Have a Happy Facial.

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    1. Hi Karuna, have a look at Oriflame Pure Nature Facial Kit for Normal to Dry skin Tropical fruits. It’s available online at Oriflame India website. That should suit you 🙂

  1. I have very sensetive n oily skin.
    In winter my skin gets dry,bt I cant use amy moistiriser.
    Is this tea tree kit help to reduce acne??
    I dont want dry skin

  2. is rosemary and tea tree facial kit good for normal skin??….actually i have normal skin but i used the tea tree and rosemary facial kit…so is harmful for my skin???…pls reply

    1. No it’s not harmful. It is better suited for oily skin. It’s fine if you have used it as it’s for combination skin aswell. Use a product as per your skin type next time.

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