My Experience with Deyga ‘Pure & Natural’ Anti- Acne kit for beautiful skin

Deyga Anti- Acne kit review
Welcome to my world of Deyga!

Let me tell you a story today. It has many heroes. And these heroes care. These heroes work all the time. These heroes save and when time comes, uplift us as well. Meet my heroes below.

First, what is Deyga?

Deyga is a home-grown brand from Tamil Nadu. It is an organic skin & hair care brand. It believes that our traditional rescue for skin & hair is the best. It is grounded in nature and the pureness of this rescue system makes one’s life easy & satisfied. All the products are handcrafted with love and manufactured with a touch of tradition & care.

Deyga review
Here are all my Deyga products.

Now let me introduce you to my heroes. Say hello to the Deyga Anti- acne kit.

Deyga Anti- acne kit Review

Deyga Anti- acne kit has 5 products to help you with your skin woes. All the products are pure, natural and effective.

IN THE BOX: Charcoal bath bar, Aloe vera gel, Tea Tree Skin Facial Toner, Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack, Neem seed oil

Meet your dream team that will work on your acne in the purest way. If you are prone to acne, pimples & breakouts, order this right away. This is a five-step routine that helps in reducing acne and even prevent future occurrences.

The benefits of using the Deyga anti-acne kit are:

  • Treats acne & prevents breakouts
  • Treats hyperpigmentation
  • With regular usage, the products will heal the skin.
  • You will get clean, fresh and moisturised skin.
  • The products unclog and tighten pores.

Deyga Charcoal bath bar: Time to go back to the old way of washing the face with a soap. If it’s Deyga’s charcoal bath bar, I don’t mind. The fun of using a soap on the face is unparalleled. This unique body bar can be used all over the body. It is formulated with pure activated Charcoal. The best part is that it is for all skin types so anyone can use it. Its heavy-duty cleanser reduces acne and excessive oil. It also detoxifies the skin, gives a nice feel post wash and even does a deep cleaning of the pores.

P.S: I use the bar AM and PM for a clean face that goes matte yet hydrated. Oh, I’m using it exclusively for my face so that it lasts long.

Deyga charcoal bath bar review
The fun of using a soap bar on face returns.
Deyga spirulina & matcha face pack review
Handcarfted charcoal bar & the lovely Spirulina & Matcha face pack. Look at the green ingredients.

Deyga Aloe vera gel: Here comes my favourite product. I’m a fan of aloe vera and this gel is as good as using pure aloe vera. It’s light and gets immediately absorbed in the skin. Deyga’s aloe vera gel moisturises the skin and leaves a soft and smooth effect. Aloe vera has healing properties and if you suffer from acne, dry skin and itchy eyes, this nourishing gel moisturises and serves as a guard against skin problems. It’s a natural cure for damaged skin.

Deyga aloe vera gel review
One of the purest aloe vera gels. It won’t make your face oily and will get fully absorbed in the skin.
Deyga Anti- Acne kit review
Three magic wands together- Neem Seed Oil, Tea Tree Facial Toner and the Aloe Vera Gel.

Deyga Tea Tree Skin Facial Toner: Toners are a must for me. Toning helps in tightening the pores and taking the dirt off the deepest of pores. Toning also helps in unclogging the pores. I use toners for a refreshing experience. I’ve been using the Tea Tree Skin Facial Toner for a good long time and I find my skin clean and refined. I spray it liberally on my face and use a cotton pad to wipe off the dirt. I literally see dirt on the cotton pad that’s taken out from deep pores. The toner wipes off extra oil and impurities and leaves the skin fresh and hydrated.

Deyga Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack: This is where the goodness of traditions lies. Let’s go back to the soil that gives us food for body and skin. This fighter of a face pack treats acne with the goodness of spirulina, matcha, aloe vera, neem, moringa and comfrey. This high in antioxidants face pack helps in detoxifying the skin. The concoction of these natural ingredients prevents fungal acne, controls excess oil and keeps the skin hydrated. It’s like going back to the old times when we would take ingredients from the kitchen to make a face pack. Thankfully, this time we are getting it all made. Moreover, these exotic ingredients are tough to find. Buying them is an easier option. The green ingredients reduce the occurrence of pimples & zits.

Deyga Neem seed oil: Like any other neem oil, this one smells horrible but every medicine tastes bitter. I love it for its goodness. This cold pressed oil is 100 % pure and rich in antioxidants. The oil helps in preventing acne, hyper-pigmentation, rashes and abrasions while also providing adequate moisture.

Price Rs 2480/- SHOP THE KIT HERE

How do I use the products?

Simple. I use the charcoal soap to wash my face morning & evening. Next I tone my face with the Tea Tree Toner.

AM: I follow this up with a moisturiser & sunscreen.

PM: I follow this up with Deyga Aloe Vera Gel and keep it overnight.

I use the Neem seed oil thrice a week on the face. I wash it with the charcoal bar after 30 minutes. You can use as desired. I use the Spirulina & Matcha face pack twice a week. I have seen a considerable improvement in my skin texture with the regular usage of the products. My acne is in control too. But if you have severe acne, you must see a dermatologist. This kit will help in face maintenance and preventing breakouts. Whenever we follow a routine, results get visible.

This is my routine. You can use the products as per your skin requirements.

About the Deyga Website & Shopping experience

Oh, let me also tell you about the convenience of shopping online. Just head to the site, order and wait for the products. You’ll have them transported from Tamil Nadu. How in Delhi I can get the goodness of pure products from down south. Amazing! You’ll love the quality of the products. The whole site is amazing. It has skin care, lip care, hair care, bath & body, oral care and baby care. It’s a pleasure receiving the products. You feel like getting your hands on the wisdom of traditions.

Last but not the least, what we consume has an impact on our mind & body. What we apply affects us too. The purity of Deyga products creates a sense of well-being. Order the kit or if you want to individually order the products, you can do that too.

I’ll be reviewing their foot care kit and lip care products in my upcoming posts. Keep an eye!

A special thanks to Deyga for introducing the brand and the products to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed using all the products.

Have a happy skin!

You friendly beauty addict,


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