Must Follow: Basic Skin Care routine for Glowing Skin

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When we talk about a skincare routine, you don’t necessarily need to engage in a 10 step skincare routine in the morning and at night. There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want a beautiful and healthy skin.

Must Follow: Basic Skin Care Routine for Glowing Skin


The first and must do step in skincare routine is to clean your face. This will help you get rid of dirt, excess oil, impurities, and dead cells. Cleaning your face is the most important skincare step that you should follow. The choice of facial cleansers depends on your skin type. Choose the one as per your skin type and concern. There is a face wash in every budget.


There are a lot of myths about toners and toning is often viewed as an unimportant step but hey, it is very important for oily and acne-prone skin. A good toner hydrates the skin and removes dead cells. It also closes the open pores and helps you get rid of impurities clogged in your skin. I make it a point to use a toner every night at least if not morning evening.


Using a serum after washing and toning your face is a good idea. If you have some grave problems like dark spots, you can apply your serum to control it. Serum is used before moisturising.

A serum contains powerful ingredients that target skin concerns like dark spots, anti-ageing concerns and so on.


If you want to follow a low key skincare routine, applying an eye cream before going to bed is perfect for dark circles, puffiness, etc. To enjoy this procedure you can also place the cream in the fridge. It would be a lovely cool treat. 


One of the most important steps again is using a moisturiser. It’s important to apply a moisturiser regardless of your skin type. Different kinds of moisturisers are there for dry and oily skin. You can choose the one that suits your type. Generally, a lightweight moisturiser fits perfectly for oily skin. Dry skin is another problem and you can use a one with a heavy formula.


Kohl residues, black spots on the face or foundation stuck in skin pores- you need deep cleansing to remove all this. There is also dirt accumulated because of pollution and it cannot be removed easily with the face wash. Take a makeup cleanser or a face cream and apply it on cotton and rub it throughout your face and especially in those areas where you see dirt accumulated. Do this once a week or for removing your makeup whenever required. It is a good way to avoid pimples and black spots.


Be very gentle on your skin and do not expose your skin to too many liquids or chemicals. One thing I strongly stand by is to stay natural and your skin will grow even more beautiful. 

So now you have officially made it through your minimalist skincare routine. Was it hard? Of course not! These are just very few simple and easy steps to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Now go and grab all of these products from your dressing table and start using them.

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