Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner review | Pore tightening for Oily, Acne Prone, Sensitive & Normal Skin

Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner review
I use Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner to reduce the appearance of my enlarged pores.

This is my 7th product from the brand for a review and I’m pretty excited as toners are a must in my daily skincare routine. I have oily skin, prone to acne and blackheads. Sometimes my open pores amaze me. Since I have started looking at the bright side of life now, I accept my skin conditions with open arms. Products like Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner come for a rescue time to time.

Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner review

The toner does what it’s supposed to do: Tighten pores, exfoliate and hydrate.

Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner review
Tones & hydrates at the same time.
Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner review
It takes away dirt clogged in the pores, leaving you fresh & clean.


It’s slightly thicker than water but gets immediately absorbed in the skin, leaving a slight sheen of freshness. It’s lightweight and glides on the skin easily. It gives a quick and complete absorption.

What does it do?

Here lies the fun. Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner tightens pores and hydrates the skin. It is a kind of gentle exfoliator. It is boosted with Pre-Biotics and Pro-Biotics to balance skin microbiome. It gives multi level hydration.

Formulated for all skin types.

Highlights: Fragrance free. Tightens pores. Hydrates. Mild exfoliant. Alcohol free.

How do I use it?

I use it morning and evening/night after washing my face. It helps me to remove the excess dirt clogged in between my pores. I see dirt on the cotton pad every time I tone my face. It feels so fresh after using the toner.

Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner cleanses and helps in removing dead skin cells while hydrating at the same time. It also prepares my skin for the serums to follow.

It penetrates the skin slowly and doesn’t cause any skin irritation. It clears and tightens enlarged pores. With added benefits of Salicylic Acid & Niacinamide, it prevents clogged pores and helps in the reduction of the appearance of enlarged pores. It gives a kind of a matt look, most preferred by me.

I allow it to get completely absorbed in the skin which takes a couple of minutes. Though it’s tough to wait in the busy schedules, still I try to wait whenever the time permits before following up with a serum. Needless to say, a sunscreen is a must as a top layer during the day.

Note: Acne prone skin can use it. It’s a pH balancing toner. Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid help in reducing excess sebum and reduce acne. The toner is ideal for combination/oily, acne prone skin.

Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic Toner review
Part of my daily routine.

Price: Rs 399/- for 150 ml. You can buy online at Amazon here.

Final word: Minimalist PHA 3% + Biotic toner is an alcohol free face toner which helps in Pore Tightening & Mild Exfoliation. It can be used by oily, acne prone, sensitive & normal Skin.

Hope you liked the review!

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Disclaimer: The product has been sent by the brand for the review. The opinions are mine.

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