Medlinks Laser Hair Removal: My Experience, Result & Review

Medlinks laser hair removal review
A sorted life thanks to Medlinks laser hair removal service.

Magic is at the other side of fear. The adage came true again. If you live in Delhi NCR and have been thinking of getting a laser hair removal done, Medlinks is your ‘go to place’. They have clinics at Safdrjung Enclave (Delhi) and DLF Phase 4 (Gurgaon). You can get a hair free life for a very long time, just like me.

My experience with Medlinks laser hair removal service

First of all, laser hair removal is basically laser hair reduction. There is a considerable reduction in hair growth which means my hair growth has been reduced by more than 50%. Also, I no longer need to wax. I just shave the hair and it comes back after a considerable gap unlike regular shaving wherein hair comes back in 2 days. And, the hair is finer even after shaving. It’s convenient and I don’t have to think twice before shaving fearing a thick hair growth.

Also, it’s hassle free. I can wear any dress at anytime. I no longer have to visit a parlour, and sit through messy waxing sessions. I don’t have to wait for full growth required for a waxing procedure. I can wear dresses throughout the year. Life’s changed for good.

Do I recommend it? YES, BIG TIME.

Laser Hair Removal: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Medlinks Clinic review

laser hair removal procedure
Here I am consulting with Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi at my first visit.
laser hair removal procedure
At Medlinks, I’m in safe hands.

It’s a clean and a reliable space. Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi is your man. He will clear all your doubts and only suggest what is possible. He will clearly tell you where all laser will work and won’t work. Take his advice and begin the journey.

The overall ambience is calm and encouraging. The rooms for the treatments are clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly and well trained. They keep smiling while doing the procedure and ensuring one has a good time.

Some points to note & debunking myths attached with laser hair reduction 

  • Anyone can go for laser hair removal but only the thick, dark and black hair are amenable to treatment.
  • You will see the results immediately after the treatment. There is a 10% to 25% reduction in hair after the first treatment.
  • The results vary from person to person so my result is not a surety for you or for anyone. Everyone corresponds differently to the procedure.
  • Some of the hair regrows which can be shaved. One needs maintenance laser treatments after the sessions are over to remain hair free for longer periods. It is not permanent hair removal, saying it again.
  • Depending upon the person and condition of the hair, more treatments may be necessary.
  • There is some pain involved in the process but that’s bearable looking at the bright side of life.

Why choose Medlink’s Laser hair removal service?

  • Medlinks has the most effective US FDA approved lasers which can target the most resistant hair.
  • Hygiene and safety: 2 most important factors totally taken care of.
  • The treatments are performed by highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Customised treatment plans are available as per needs.
  • Opt for a specialised clinic like MedLinks rather than neighbourhood shops. 

I was tired of waxing and the struggles involved in the process. It was time consuming, messy and ineffective for me. I had a limited window to wear dresses and most of my dresses never saw any light as a result. My life has changed for good after the laser hair removal treatment at Medlinks. I have got a full body laser hair removal done and I’d say go for it. Make life sustainable. This is sustainable for me. The hair growth comes after 1 month of the treatment and whatever little comes, I easily shave and get going. I do need maintenance sessions to keep it going but that’s worth it. I can wear anything anytime and that’s the freedom worth in anybody’s life.

Medlinks review
A happy me at one of my visits…


Please check with the clinic as the rates depend on the requirement. The full body laser hair removal generally has 6 sessions + 2-3 maintenance sessions. The cost is around 1.7 lacs. They have amazing schemes running time to time so make the most of them. The numbers are easily available online. Just book an appointment and discuss it out with Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi there. He will guide you with best possible options.

Medlinks has an array of treatments for all your skincare needs including acne, acne scars, advanced facials and many other services.

If you have a specific question regarding the laser hair treatment or the clinic, do write to me in the comments below. I’d be happy to answer.

Hope you liked the review. I’d be back with another review soon.

P.S: The post is in collaboration with Medlinks but the opinions expressed are totally mine. My life has really changed after the treatment. I’m free and I believe most of you can feel me.

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