Review: Maybelline Lipgloss Raspberry Reflections

Raspberry Reflections

Raspberry ReflectionsWell one of the days when you just want something nice, just something, can be anything….and then you get a glossy, mouth watering, hued pink and very arresting shade of Maybelline lipgloss. It surely lifts your mood and sparkles the day. Like they say, good things come in small packages.

This recent possession, Maybelline Color sensational High shine lip gloss in shade 100 Raspberry Reflections is not only tempting to apply but I can almost eat it. The color is so suave, the gloss so creamy that I almost use it every second day.

Let’s take a look at Maybelline Lipgloss Raspberry Reflections:

  • The pink tint is wearable with almost all outfits.
  • The color brightens up the face and lips shine with pride.
  • The gloss is velvety and gives a glam look.
  • The shade will suit everybody from fairer to medium to darker skin tone.
  • People with darker skin tone will love the shade as it’ll sparkle their look which fewer colors have the capacity to do.
  • Priced at Rs 350, it’s a good buy. Quantity 5ml and will run a good time.
  • There are many shades available. My next purchase has to be red for that bold look.
  • The fruit punch is not only in the name, but in the feel too.
  • The gloss will stay for 4 hours and more.
  • Easy to carry and looks trendy.
  • A single swipe is good enough but I’ll recommend applying it twice to get the deep color and longer staying power.

A total value for money, this lip gloss is a budget buy and a replacement for lipstick. You can buy 2-3 more shades of your choice to match most of your outfits. Carry it with you to get an instant face lift and the gloss is wearable during the day aswell as night. Wear it with a smile and like I always say…keep it stylish!

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