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Beauty Blog India

I love to unpin my hair and let it fall whichever way it wants. At the most I’ll up-tie my mane into a top knot and be on the go… There are times when I haven’t brushed my hair and roamed the entire market without caring two hoots. Do you identify with me ? I’ll be glad to know!

The picture above has me at my store today. The entire day sported a no makeup look and with the setting sun, a sudden urge to add some color paved way to a bright eye color and a lip gloss. To my advantage, I had the Maybelline Fruity Jelly ( Price Rs 175/- for 10 ml) in shade Berry Bella with me. The high shine sheer color gave the 2 in 1 gloss + color advantage. This is apt for girls like me with dry lips who always look for a tinted lip moisturiser. The rich fruity base adds instant shine and stark to the face.

Beauty Blog India
Maybelline Fruity jelly

Beauty Facts:

  • If you don’t like wearing a lipstick everyday, a tinted moisturiser is your key product.
  • For winters, a lip gloss acts as a moisturiser + color.
  • You can buy basic color lip gloss like pink and brown that’ll go with all your outfits.
  • Buy a good quality lip gloss. There is not much price differentiation between brands. Buy as per your requirement.
  • Easy to carry, throw one in your handbag.
  • A lip gloss is an easy rescue for evening outs straight from work. Just dab some on your lips and you’ll shine enough to attract some gazes.
  • The best part about lip gloss is that you don’t have to match it with your outfit. Lip gloss generally pairs out with all your outfits unlike a lipstick.

Say hello with sparkling lips and say stylish always. Smile wide, live your way and reach the stars.

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