Makeup expert Namrata Soni speaks to Tanya Sachdev

Interview with Namrata Soni
Namrata Soni for Kajol

Namrata Soni, the women behind all those celebrities sizzling on the silver screen. From Sonam Kapoor, Kajol, Sonakshi Sinha to Vidya Balan, there is no one who doesn’t swear by her. If looks could kill, she would be the perfect plotter. The lady knows how to brush a face and bring out beauty to the brim and get everyone in awe-struck fixture. Let’s Expresso spoke to her for her forthcoming Vogue Wedding Show wherein she is all set to break down the facts and myths and instruct attendees on how to look gorgeous and wear make-up that’s ideal for all kinds of bridal events.

The Vogue Wedding Show 2016 is scheduled to take place from August 5-7 2016 at the Taj Palace, New Delhi.


Interview with Namrata Soni
Namrata Soni for Kajol.
Interview with Namrata Soni
Namrata Soni for Twinkle Khanna.

Here is the interview with the makeup expert, Namrata Soni and you get all her beauty secrets.

Tanya Sachdev: What special tips are awaiting for the would-be brides in your master class at the Vogue wedding show?

Namrata Soni: Honestly there are loads and loads of tips. You know, like quick getting ready in 15 minutes, how to fix your makeup, what to carry in your bag when you are going out for party/wedding, how to put an eye liner under a minute.

TS: Everyday make up look or any tip which is simple yet effective to carry?

NS: Everyday makeup would be a lovely pink or a coral lipstick which will brighten your face. So if you are not feeling well or have a dull day, this will brighten up your face.

TS: Monsoon makeup tips that always work?

NS: Try using a BB cream during the monsoon because anything heavier is bad. Always use water proof mascara, a good brand so that it doesn’t smudge all over your face in rain. Always remove your makeup at the end of the day when you reach home because of the constant change in temperature, especially in rainy season. It is very essential to make your skin remain unclogged and clean.

TS: Which face-tinted moisturiser do you recommend for all skin types?

NS: Laura Mercier is my favourite skin moisturiser. They have a BB cream moisturiser for every skin type. Even if you have an oily or a dry skin. It really gives you a fantastic coverage and a very natural look.


Interview with Namrata Soni
Namrata Soni for Sonam Kapoor.
Interview with Namrata Soni
Namrata Soni for Jacqueline Fernandez.

TS: What are the three makeup products you always carry?

NS: Eyelash curler, a cheek and lip tint and a kajal pencil.

TS: What does makeup mean to you?

NS: Make up to me means as beauty from within. Makeup inspires you, makes you feel empowered.

TS: Which movie star do you aspire to make up?

NS: Meryl Streep. Hahaha.

TS: Any tips for covering acne marks and skin imperfections?

NS: The best thing to cover acne marks and skin imperfections is a fantastic concealer. If the acne has got redness around it, use a corrector to cut the redness from the skin and follow that with a good concealer. The only consistency of concealers that actually conceal acne marks and all of that is a cream based concealer. So that you can pat it and dab it on the skin, it will give you even and 100% coverage.

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