Review: Mac Black Extreme Mascara

beauty Blog India

Beauty Blog India

Tired of flaking mascaras? Looking for an extreme black mascara? Go no more, Mac has the answer.

Black Extreme mascara from Mac Cosmetics is my new find and I can totally vouch for it. It’s been a couple of weeks of applying and my experience with mascaras has improved. Mac Black Extreme Mascara is totally worth it. Let’s take a look at the product and Makeup tips.

  • Available for Rs 1650 for 13 ml.
  • It’s 1 in Extreme Dimension lash/volume and curl mascara.
  • Attractive bottle in plastic, can be easily carried in a makeup kit or can be slipped in your makeup drawer.
  • The texture is smooth and provides full coverage to eyelashes.
  • Long wearing and stays in for a whole day. In the picture below, I had worn the mascara at 12 noon and removed at 8 night. The product was intact.
  • Easy application. The brush works swiftly on the lashes.
  • Beauty Expert Tips: Apply 2 quotes on the lashes for thickness or as desired. I have applied 2 coats for full day thick eyelash look.
  • You can try the mascara at any of the Mac store.
    Beauty Blog India
    Mac Black Extreme Mascara
    Beauty Blog India
    Easy application with the Magical Mascara wand!
    beauty Blog India
    Result: Stunning long eyelashes.


  • Go for a desired look by applying a single stroke of the mascara.
  • Perfect combination while creating a smokey eye look.
  • Long lasting for a full day or a full evening.
  • Doesn’t smudge on eye lashes.
  • Thick black eyelashes are easily achieved.


  • Can’t think of any apart from the price. Rs 1650/- is steep buy like it’s said quality comes at a price.

There is a thing about mascaras, they can elevate any look from subtle to star in a jiffy. A right mascara doesn’t flake on the lashes, doesn’t smudge and stands out delicately. It’s like giving a finishing touch to the entire eye makeup and this finishing touch can make all the difference. So go ahead and try the Mac Black Extreme and if you are already using one, do share your review… xoxo

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