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What happens when you open your door to a box of shampoo + conditioner without a brand? There come dime a dozen questions about the brand, product, quality, pricing, viability …. With all these and many more, I have happily accepted the Blind Test for the ‘Love Long Hair Range’. I’m really excited to use this unknown range and find out how it works on my hair. The bottles are attractive in white with just Love Long Hair logo and shampoo/conditioner written on it. The shampoo is smooth and flowy with a nice tangy fragrance. The conditioner is thick and appears to be gentle on hair. The sight of the range takes me to my childhood memories when packaging was simple with just shampoo or conditioner written on it. It’s cute and exciting to see these bottles and wonder the science and brand behind it. It’s also great to explore about a brand that dares to challenge, dares to take a blind test. Since I’m always game for finding new and effective products to share with all of you, this test takes the edge. For 2 weeks, I shall be using these products to see the result on my hair. Fingers Crossed!

I can’t wait to use and know more about these products. In 2 weeks from now, I shall reveal the brand and all the details of the range. Till then, stay tuned and walk this exciting blind test journey with me. And like they say, ‘Good things come in small packages’, maybe this is my small package to my journey of loving long hair. I’m already on the verge of convincing myself to grow my mane. How are you all taking my attempt at this blind test? Any special heed or advice? I would love to hear.

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