Review: L’Oréal Paris Revitalift LASER X3

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Beauty Blog IndiaSkin looking dull? Age showing beforehand? Wrinkles spoiling the mood everyday? And most important, Too busy to take out time for yourself? These are some common worries in everyone’s life. Fast paced city life makes technology abundant and time scarce. We may be loaded with money but finding time to spend it, next to impossible. I am working full time on my blog and I realise how 24 hours are short to work and at the same time taking care of one’s ageing skin. In my lookout of finding better products for skin and hair, my latest encounter is with L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3. Here is a closer look at the product.

L’Oréal Paris introduced the Revitalift Laser X3 range with breakthrough technology to combat skin ageing. With a triple action advantage, the range has a well researched formula to restore skin elasticity, refine skin texture and reduce fine lines. Created with a special set of ingredients, regular use will leave you with a healthy looking skin gradually. 

The Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 range includes:

  • The ‘Renewing Anti-Aging Serum’, Rs 1499/- for 30 ml
  • ‘New Skin Anti-Aging Cream’, Rs 1299/- for 50ml

Both these products are infused with anti-ageing superior technology. Regular usage results in a similar result as compared to sessions of laser anti ageing treatments and provide the radiance of a skin peel (As per the brand).

Who should use the product?

  • Women in late 20’s and early 30’s to slower down the skin ageing process.
  • Women exposed to stress and long working hours.
  • Women with first signs of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Women with long sun exposure.

Beauty Expert Tips:

  • Visible results in 4 weeks. Appearance of Fuller & Firmer skin, reduced wrinkles and open pores.
  • Improvement of skin quality with regular use.
  • Effective treatment in comparison to a laser session.
  • The range is available in serum and cream to suit the preference of the user.
  • Skin repair should start with the first sign of damage and should be well combated with the help of anti-ageing skin treatments.
  • Along with the treatment, adequate water intake, improved fruit and vegetable diet and healthy lifestyle should be maintained for a radiant and happy skin.

P.S: The results vary skin to skin, person to person.

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