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house of Ayurveda hair oil review
Hello House of Ayurveda! Let’s make a night to remember.

For me Ayurveda brings hope. Ayurveda brings harmony. Ayurveda always rings a bell. So it was only natural to be thrilled upon hearing about a new brand of hair oil that practices the principles of Ayurveda. This is a friend’s venture so double the fun. Say hello to House of Ayurveda, a new launch that reduces hair fall and heals frizzy & dry hair.

House of Ayurveda review

I love oiling my hair, though I’m pretty lazy at it. I would love it if someone would massage my hair for a straight 30 minute and juggle each cell in my hair. Oh, what a feeling! Since the hands that work on my hair are mostly mine, I tend to look for hair oils loaded with goodness so that my work of massaging halves. A good hair oil knows how to seep through the scalp and show its magic. House of Ayurveda knows its job well. Let me give you 3 reasons for picking it up.

  • It is made up of natural herbs, hibiscus and curry leaves. Curry leaves are known to be rich in antioxidants and preventing hair loss & hair thinning.
  • The oil is easy to apply. The bottle comes with a dispenser notch that easily targets your scalp for dropping the oil.
  • It ensures a good hair day the very next day.
house of Ayurveda hair oil review
Just pump out pure love!
house of Ayurveda hair oil review
Me after a good hair oil massage, self done of course!
house of Ayurveda hair oil review
My hair feels nourished and so manageable.

The design and the whole look of the bottle is pretty modern. You can place it anywhere in your bathroom and it’ll look nice. The oil enhances hair volume and quality significantly. It restores scalp health and strengthens hair from the roots. Ayurveda works at the root level and ensures concerns are addressed at the elementary level.

How to use?

Just like any other oil. Massage it and keep it overnight for maximum nutrient absorption. Warm it a bit if you like it that way. Warming is highly recommended in winters.

How it worked on my hair?

I have dry and unruly hair. It’s hard to discipline them. With this hair oil, I could feel softness in my hair after the wash. My otherwise dry & damaged hair felt smooth and nice to touch. I look for natural ingredients in my hair oils and this one is a check on all parameters. I am hoping that my hair quality improves a great deal with prolonged usage.

Price & Quantity

Rs 950/- for 100 ml.

Click here to buy online.

Imagine a hot oil massage, a full night of nutrient absorption and a relaxing head wash the next day- I am on cloud 9 already. Time for you too! Just try the oil and see the difference in your hair.

Thanks House of Ayurveda for adding to my hair oils.

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