Laser Hair Removal Side Effects: What you must know!

can we do laser hair removal at home
Read the top 5 side effects of Laser Hair Removal! Source – friday magazine

A couple of years ago I was considering laser hair removal. I was very skeptical about the procedure, is laser hair removal permanent , and what to expect during and after laser hair removal. The best way out I thought would be to read about the procedure as much as I could, and talk to an expert. Along with the Laser Hair Removal side effects, the question is also about the safety of the procedure. When Tanya spoke to her doctor while getting her full body laser hair removal done, he assured her of the 100% safety of the procedure. She is a happy customer.

Whatever procedure you get done, there are certain side effects that it has. However minor they may be, but nothing is 100% free of effects. Laser hair removal also has its pros and cons and today we’re discussing the side effects of the treatment.

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Laser hair removal side effects

A few side effects are natural and happen to everyone. But if the symptoms persist, you must talk to the expert or the dermatologist of the clinic from where you get the procedure done. Here are some laser hair removal side effects you may experience.

how permanent is laser hair removal
All that you want to know about laser hair removal.
Source – dermareston

1.Redness and Irritation

Redness and irritation are the most common side effects. Well technically we girls are quite used to it – be it after waxing, threading, or getting a tattoo done.

The treated area may look red and flaky, but the irritation eases off after a few hours. In severe cases, the expert might recommend an ointment. You can also apply ice pack to reduce swelling if any.

2. Crusting

Crusting is a common side effect of laser hair removal. It isn’t anything major, but a little scarring or scabbing is natural. It will go away, make sure you take care of the treated area and follow the expert’s instructions for after-care.

laser hair removal cost and price in India
Tanya underwent laser hair removal. And apart from slight redness, she didn’t experience any side effects.

3. Change in skin color

You might experience slight change in skin color in the treated area after the procedure. The skin may appear darker or lighter depending upon the area. People with lighter skin tone may experience skin darkening and ones with dark complexion may notice that the skin looks light in that area.

Don’t worry, this uneven skin tone will fade away and your skin will look natural as always in a couple of weeks.

4. Damage to eyes & teeth

If you’re getting laser hair removal on the face you shouldn’t proceed without the protective gear for the eyes. There can be a risk of eye damage or injury if you don’t take precautions. Similarly, your teeth has to be covered with a gauze while doing upper lips and lower lips.

is laser hair removal permanent
Wearing protective gear is a must!
Source – huffpost

5. Increased risk of skin infection

Some hair removal treatments may completely damage the hair follicle, which increases the risk of skin infection. Make sure you consider the treated area as a wound and take care of it very carefully.

For a couple of days after the treatment your skin will look like you’ve had sunburn. It will heal automatically. The expert will give you a few guidelines, so make sure to follow them – like not wearing make-up for a couple of days, applying sunscreen etc.

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Now that you have more clarification, we hope making a decision is easier. Laser hair removal side effects are mostly manageable. We can just provide information, but the actual laser hair removal technique can be explained by an expert only. Do talk to them and clear all your doubts. You must also check the below links to be confident in your decision:

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Good luck and do follow Tanya on Instagram to know about her beauty rituals. She has a lovely feed.

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