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Beauty Blog IndiaBlack is the magical colour that’s top of the mind when one says eyes. I bet none of us moves out without applying Kajal and styling our lower and upper lashes with this most sought after color. For generations, the black Kajal or kohl has ruled the heart and makeup box of every Indian woman and has brightened the eyes with minimum hassle. Now it’s time to widen the gaze and break the code by adding colors to your very make-up essentials.

The Lakme Eyeconic range of Kajal pencils includes the white Kajal that has made its way from fairytales and runways to everyday make-up routine. It is ‘The New Shade of the town’. Transform to a ‘sexy siren’ or a ‘subtle princess’ with a single stroke and mark a new dawn to eye-styling. Challenge yourself to adventurous everyday and experiment with your style and wardrobe. White is the new black! Here are some tips on how to apply the white eyeliner:

  • Highlight the Inner Corners: Make your eyes brighter by applying the eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes. Apply the regular black eyeliner on lower and upper lid. Apply white over it for about a centimeter on both top and bottom lid, starting from the inner corner. Your eyes will look very captivating.
  • Layers of Color: Apply a thick white line on your upper lid. Apply a black or brown or a darker color on top of it with thickness lesser than the white line. The eyes will stand out and create a double eyeliner look.
  • Under Your Brows To Highlight Your Brow Bone: Highlight your brow bone with the white kajal and smudge it along the brow bone. This will accentuate the eyes and create a dramatic effect.
  • Wear the white eyeliner solo for a gorgeous cat eye.
  • Line the upper lid in black and compliment it by lining the lower lid in white.
  • Create a wing effect for a super catty look.
  • Create a triple effect by weaving the white eyeliner in-between two shades.
    Beauty Blog India
    Lakme Eyeconic range
    Beauty Blog India
    L-R: White,Blue,Brown,Black,Grey,Green

The Lakme Eyeconic white is available for Rs 250/- for 0.35 gms. It is available at Lakme outlets, Kiosks and online sites. The Lakme Eyeconic range is also available in Green, Grey, Blue and Brown (Price Rs 250/- for 0.35 gms each). It’s fun playing with colors and matching it with everyday moods and outfits. Ideal for college girls and working women, these daily kajal colors impart a well groomed look in today’s competitive working environment. Be on trend and experiment with these gorgeous shades in super Eyeconic formula. And yes, the everyday staple Black eyeconic kajal (Price Rs 199/- for 0.35 gms) is a must possess for smudge proof eyes. With a powerful 10 hour stay, the black kajal is the most sought after eye styling tool. Play with these shades and mix and match to create eyes that talk and walk. Be it winged or bold, catty or a single stroke, swipe your hand bold and beautiful. Well done eyes are windows to well done expressions. Wish you all happy colorful eyes!

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