Krya: Sustainable Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Cleaning

Krya: Sustainable Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Cleaning

In our fast paced lives with over exposure to advertisements, the very core of leading a sustainable and environment friendly life is shifted to the bottom of our considerations. The allurement of brand claims, the ease of finding and using such products makes it convenient to ignore their hazardous long term impacts. Let’s Expresso searched hard to find a solution and our hard worked paid. Here’s introducing Krya, a Sustainable Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Cleaning brand.


Krya: Sustainable Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Cleaning
Krya: Sustainable Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Cleaning


Krya has been co-founded by Preethi And Srinivas in 2010. In sync with their life, the products under Krya’s umbrella are cruelty free and vegan. Both of them well researched to bring best plant based products that fit easily into the urban busy life. Their aim is to help people make an easy transition to a more sustainable and responsible life.

  • Krya sells online through their e-commerce platform
  • The products are divided under three categories- Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Care.
  • After sales support helps you get the best out of Krya products.
  • From manufacturing to usage to disposal, sustainability is incorporated in every part of the product’s lifecycle.
  • The products are easy to adopt and work really well.
  • Krya products help reduce consumption of water. They are biodegradable, compostable and the skin care range is almost edible.
  • The products are made from plants and contain no synthetics.
  • Only organic and wild crafted grains and herbs are sourced for manufacturing the products.

Simple mindful actions like laundry and cleaning the dishes can make a positive environmental contribution. Krya is working in that direction.

Krya products are manufactured with love and great care at their people positive eco factory in Chennai.


My Experience with Krya Products

I am using the following products:

  1. Krya Zesty Hair Wash Classic (Rs 280 for 100 gm)
  2. Krya Zesty Hair Wash Conditioning (Rs 280 for 100 gm)
  3. Krya Natural Detergent (Rs 290 for 400 gm)
  4. Krya Dish Wash Powder (Rs 200 for 350 gm)
  5. Krya Anti Acne Face Wash (Rs 320 for 100 gm)
  6. Krya Ubtan- traditional bath powder (Rs 490 for 200 gm)
  7. Krya Calming After Sun Face Mask (Rs 310 for 100 gm)


krya sustainable goodies


krya sustainable goodies


krya sustainable goodies


Packaging: The products are packaged inside corrugated boxes made from 100% recycled paper. You can send the boxes to local raddi-wala for recycling. The back side of the products have a listing of the product description, key ingredients, How to use and manufacturing details. The inner packaging is done using plastic because a number of herbs are hygroscopic and cannot be packed inside paper. However, the inner plastic is made from 100 micron HDPE that offers a high potential for re-cycling compared to other plastics. Krya is also testing a “bio-degradable” plastic” for future use.

Odour: All the products have that rustic old world fragrance that reminds of the purity of ingredients. It’s the same felling you get when you make such products at home.

Pricing: The products are aptly priced. Organic, wild crafted grains and herbs are used for manufacturing all the products.

Ease in use: All the products are in powder form. Easy to store and use.

It may take a while to adjust to these products, specially hair care. But always remember, every meaningful thing takes effort. This one is for the right products with the right impact. This impact is just not on an individual basis but for a larger cause. Sustainable and responsible living has to be a way of life.

Are you with me on this?

  1. Yes yes yes. I am always looking for products that have that original feel to it. I need a break from chemicals that go inside me from head to toe. Trying these for sure.

  2. Hi Tanya,

    I want to try the Krya herb face mask. I am looking for something unique when it comes to the face mask and I wanted to try this one. I hope there is available Krya products in our local stores, if no I’ll purchase online.

    1. HI Jenny
      You can visit their website and write to their customer care. They should be able to help you for deliveries inside India and Abroad. The product is good so have fun 🙂 …Keep visiting.

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