Kimirica India review: Responsible Luxury and Thoughtful Skincare

Kimirica India review
Thanks Kimirica. I am sorted for winters.

We all love fragrances lingering through our bodies throughout the day. Work, traffic, pollution, tension and fun keeps us on our toes. With little or no time to visit shops to buy personal skincare, it’s a boon to have shops like Kimirica that sell responsible luxury and thoughtful skincare online. Read the Kimirica India review below to find more about the website and its two latest collections: Pharmacopia Citrus Collection and Pharmacopia Argan Oil Collection.

Kimirica India review
My gift box exclusively contains Pharmacopia Argan Oil and Citrus Collection.
Kimirica Let's Expresso
A special note sent by the brand. This is so much love.
Kimirica Pharmacopia collection
A box of happiness!

Kimirica India Review brings you an exotic range of Bath & Body collection and captivating fragrances online. All the products are blended with vegan ingredients and the formulations are luxurious. There are various brands available on the website like Five Elements, Ignis, Earth, The French Note and Pharmacopia. The Bath category has shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body washes and bath salts. The Body category includes lotions and creams. There are also stunning candles and gift sets. The products are cruelty-free and made with Paraben-free preservatives. All in all, it is luxury well served.

Pharmacopia India Collection

There are two collections launched under the brand Pharmacopia- Citrus collection and Argan Oil collection. Pharmacopia is a Canadian brand that offers a modern apothecary collection of bath and body care products. Both the collections have the following products:

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion

Infused with wholesome ingredients, these skin- loving liquids are pure delight. Vegan and Cruelty – free sans synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Pharmacopia Citrus collection

vegan skincare paraben free
Here are all the 4 products in the Pharamacopia Citrus Collection.
pharmacopia citrus shampoo conditioner
Have a closer look!
pharmacopia body lotion body wash
Touch of love and goodness of vegan ingredients.

Pharmacopia Citrus shampoo: Made with organic aloe vera, it is so refreshing to use. It gently cleanses the hair, leaving it shinier and bouncy. Premium plant based ingredients leave the hair smooth and full of love. For all hair types and daily use. Price: Rs 645/- for 250 ml.

Pharmacopia Citrus Conditioner: It’s rich and creamy. Just enjoy the whole experience of running it through your hair to make them soft and manageable. Organic ingredients work their magic while you relax. Price: Rs 645/- for 250 ml.

Pharmacopia Citrus Body Wash: I love body washes. I have stopped using soaps since a long time. It’s so convenient to use a body wash. Just pour and splurge. This body wash is no less. It cleanses while wrapping you in a citrus aura. It’s gentle on the skin and moisturises while cleansing. Just double the work in a single price. Rs 575/- for 250 ml.

Pharmacopia Citrus Body Lotion: Here comes my favourite product. It’s a nourishing moisturiser that leaves the skin smooth and oh so lovable. The hydration and care is on point. Just the perfect friend for winters and changing seasons. Just pump and have fun. Price: Rs 595/- for 250 ml.

Pharmacopia Argan Oil collection

pharmacopia argan oil collection
My Pharmacopia Argan Oil Collection.
pharmacopia argan oil body lotion body wash
A perfect gift for dear and near ones.
pharmacopia argan oil shampoo conditioner
Paraben free, vegan and cruelty-free.

Pharmacopia Argan Oil Shampoo: The range is infused with Argan oil and aloe vera. The shampoo cleanses, reduces oiliness and gives a healthy sheen to the hair. It’s hair love right in the morning. This is for all hair types and can be used frequently. It is a balanced cleansing shampoo. Price Rs 675/- for 250 ml.

Pharmacopia Argan Oil Conditioner: Shea butter and grape seed work together to give a luxurious shine to the hair. It’s fun time coupled with natural ingredients to work smoothness in the hair. It’s ‘Me Time’ guaranteed. Rs 675/- for 250 ml.

Pharmacopia Argan Oil Body Wash: It gives the skin all the goodness it deserves. Plumping marshmallow and soothing chamomile make the skin soft, healthy looking and refreshed. The rich lather is bliss in the shower. Price: Rs 575/- for 250 ml.

Pharmacopia Argan Oil Body Lotion: It’s a body treat. Apply on dry hands and body to seal in the moisture. Just pick it up post shower and before going to bed and indulge in the rich texture. Price Rs 645/- for 250 ml.

kimirica India review
Thanks Kimirica for all the love.

All the products are in a pump bottle which is easy to use. The packaging is neat and easy to read. All the products look so beautiful lying on a shelf in the bathroom. It’s a perfect set for gifting yourself and others. Nothing is sweater than luxurious skin care. Wrap yourself in care and well-being with these products. It’s love, care and goodness packed together. Perfect for gifting this festive season.

Hope you liked the Kimirica India review. Indulge in these swanky collections and show yourself some love. You deserve it.

Click here to see the Pharmacopia collection. It’s in instant pick me up.

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