Keep it Healthy with Fabindia Sesame hair oil

Fabindia Sesame hair oil reviews
Fabindia Sesame hair oil reviews

Sesame Hair Oil

Since its inception Fabindia has grown in the health and beauty care product market, launching the personal health care product line in March 2006. The basic product line now has grown into a variety of products in hair-care, skin-care and bathing essentials. It is catering to the need of a majority of urban population which is going back to the use of herbal products. Though there is a lot of competition in the Herbal care products, Fabindia is exceedingly making a mark due to its reliable good will.

We are going to review three products, one each from their oils, shampoos and conditioners in consecutive posts.

For this one, let’s start with hair oils.

Fabindia offers a variety of hair oils which are herbal and chemical free and at the same time do not hurt your pocket at all. The most acclaimed of these is the Sesame Hair oil.


Til ka tel hair oil reviews
Til ka tel hair oil reviews

What Fabindia claims: “PURE sesame oil blended with Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and Ginger extract.”

The only chemical added to the Sesame oil is the ascorbyl palmitate which is a stabilizer and qualifies as a considerably safe preservative. Moreover it’s mixed with Tocopherol or vitamin E which gives it an edge over the other stabilizers used by different brands.

One of the key factor as to why someone will switch to this hair oil is the hair fall reducing capabilities of sesame or til. “Til ka tel” is a recommended remedy for hair fall and all hair related problems and before the advent of the hair product market it was the go-to grandma’s remedy for dandruff, dryness and hair fall. It’s not very dense or thick like olive oil, thus application wise it’s much more convenient to use. Beside hair loss sesame is also known for prevention of greying and aging of hair. Thus, it’s evidently getting quite popular with the crowd today. Another interesting thing to note is that sesame is a natural sunscreen for hair and also protects hair from the harmful UV rays. From what it seems like, it’s a complete product for hair!
Of course you won’t see any miraculous change but constant use of this product from my personal experience as well, is apt in reducing hair fall. All in all if you want a hair oil which is safe to use and provides a healthy and long term effect, try the sesame hair oil.


Fabindia Sesame hair oil pros
Fabindia Sesame hair oil pros


No harmful chemical preservatives.

Goodness of jojoba- Strengthens and moisturizes hair. It’s non-toxic and non-allergic oil thus making it useful for all hair types.

Ginger extract: A unique addition to the product, ginger is an extremely effective element in conditioning hair and is known to rejuvenate scalp.

Vitamin E or Tocopherol- A healthy blend for the hair follicles and has been proven to reduce hair loss considerably and promote quality hair growth.

Til ka tel hair oil pros
Fabindia Sesame hair oil price

Modestly priced at Rs 300  for a 200 ml bottle.


The smell might be an issue for some people; however you can mix a pinch of rosemary or jasmine to suit it to your needs.

Other than the smell, I find this one to be perfect; perfectly safe, perfectly healthy and perfectly herbal. Let’s Expresso hair with health.


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