Is laser hair removal costly?

how permanent is laser hair removal
Find out about laser hair removal cost & price in India. Source – velico

A friend of mine was telling me that she wanted to get laser hair removal done, and the first thing I asked her was, “Is laser hair removal costly?” Thinking about the price of the treatment is a natural reaction, you want to know whether it’s worth spending your money, how long will the effects last, and is laser hair removal safe?

Find out the truth – Is laser hair removal costly?

The cost of the treatment depends upon two key factors – the body part where you’re getting the treatment and from where are you getting the treatment.

The amount ranges between Rs 3000/- and Rs 20000/- per area like underarms, upper lips, full arms and legs etc. You should also keep in mind that the cost for follow-up sessions will be added to the overall cost.

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laser hair removal side effects
Tanya underwent the treatment. Follow her on Instagram to know more about her experience.

A reputed branded laser hair removal clinic might charge a little extra, but it’s all worth it. You know that you’re getting experienced professionals, dedicated service, great quality, and proper hygiene and care.

For example, Tanya got her full body laser hair removal from a reputed clinic that charges Rs 1.7 lacs for 9 sessions. 6 sessions were regular and 3 were for maintenance.

There is another clinic that charges Rs 50,000 for 8 sessions of full body laser hair removal. So the Laser hair removal cost & prices depends upon clinic to clinic and the machinery used. One must also look out for festive offers where the clinics give as much as 40-50 % off on their services. Keep an eye on the best offers.

Note: Laser hair removal cost & price in India differs from brand to brand and location to location.

The cost might also go up or down depending upon the type of laser hair removal treatment you opt for. To know more options, it’s best to get in touch with the experts.

The next doubt after the price factor that comes to mind is about the permanence of the laser hair removal procedure. Find answers to this question in this post- Is laser hair removal permanent?

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Like we always say, it is best to ask an expert. We can only share information but what’s best suited for your body can be explained by an expert only. Go to a laser hair removal clinic, talk to the experts about the process, weigh the pros and cons, and then make the final decision.

laser hair removal side effects
The hassle of shaving or waxing every month, or this treatment once – the choice is yours.
Source – webmd

Know more about laser hair removal side effects here. This will further help you in your decision. You must also check out about the laser hair removal technique here. Laser Hair removal cost and price in India will help you get sorted with the investment. Some of you may also wonder- Can we do laser hair removal at home? We recommend a good clinic for the procedure, always!

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